Keeping Busy…

… a bit too busy at that. Work’s (day job) is in full bloom even though we aren’t getting paid and the Athens Concert Hall just might close(!?). It’s been hard to deal with Zoot Allures because of power editing all day and passing out when I get home. But I do have some stuff for you, my little snowflakes, who are following this blog/diary for some strange reason.

Last week (Wednesday) I did get down to ol’ Zoot. ‘Can’t remember details but the main “thing” that got done was getting the genoa up (front sail for the land lubbers). Alex came by to help with a French cruiser on his small renovated Pearson Triton (cool guy living his life like I’d like to). Long story short, the top drum isn’t sliding very well on the foil and it was really hard hoisting. The halliard can be plucked like a double bass… not that I mind that, but it is another thing I gotta look into before I get into trouble.

Last Saturday was Mom’s 80th b-day! We had a surprise party for her on Friday night in town and had a jolly time. Saturday morning I joined my floating  pride. Pretty much exhausted I just took care of tidying up and getting back into the liveaboard frame of mind. That afternoon Mom ,Sis and aunt Lilia came for a swim by the rocks and I took the opportunity to wire-brush the slime off the dingy mooring “Italian cloths line”. That night the winds piped up (alot) and Sunday was rock n’ roll day… something to get used to again. I left that night due to work with a client bright and early Monday morn. Narf!

IMG_1141IMG_1143Ok. Enough blab! Boat stuff. Last week I did manage to blast out for supplies. Got 30meters of 22mm mooring line and hopefully I’m ready to renovate my mooring. The main thing to do is to replace the 6meters of 16mm chain between the “Θ” chains and the rode. I’m in 6meters depth. Hopefully I wont drown myself or screw up my ear like last year. Oh yeah (almost forgot) Aunt Lilia brought me a basil plant which all boats in Greece need for good luck. Also useful for salads and pesto at the end of the summer!

IMG_1144IMG_1147Homework back home… Got all the screws, washers (plastic ones too) and wing-nuts needed and got the whole photovoltaic doghouse bridge ready for installation.  Having the second panel at home, I successfully measure and drilled the holes in the aluminum bars and dry fitted. Ready for hauling it all over and installing.

Yesterday, Wednesday I got down to ol’ Zoot with the bars and did my first attempt to install. A slight flaw in my design became apparent. I’m going to have to attach the panels to the bars first and then fasten the whole thing to the hand rails due to lack of access to the center holes. Here a few picks of yesterday’s gig.

IMG_1152IMG_1156 IMG_1155This weekend I’m gonna rap this baby up. It’ll be fine for this year. Next year I’ll renovate and figure a way to hinge the panels so I can tilt them in a desired direction.

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete.

ps… my client is late and I’m blasting  this post in. I’m real busy and tired. Gonna be a busy weekend too. Mooring diving, panel screwing, hanging, drinking, socializing, eating, sleeping… still gotta figure out why Perkins temp ain’t rising and have a “shake down sail” too! Plus the club is having 3 races (which I refuse to participate) and a party at the port Saturday night! How rough is that?!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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12 Responses to Keeping Busy…

  1. I’m reading your post and sometimes I feel like I could just copy (steal) parts of it and use them on my blog: I’m fiddling with my anchor system, my engine temperature won’t rise to normal and I’m working too much, particularly on weekends (money working, but making progressively less money).
    I like your solar panel arrangement, might work on Jakatar when the wind generator dies.


    • Feel free to “copy paste” as much as you like! The solar arrangement isn’t ideal cause it’s always gonna be shaded somewhere. I haven’t tried lowering the boom to the side yet but I’m under the impression the doghouse won’t let it. We’ll see. They are 50W each and the one would give me 3amps which should be my average with the shading.
      I’m really ready to retire! But for now, 10 more days and I’ll be semi-retired for 6 weeks! And probably unemployed when I get back. Whatever…


  2. sryoder says:

    If you guys have fresh water cooled engines, can you just put a higher temperature thermostat in to help get up to proper operating temperature? Can’t think of much else that would keep the temperature lower then you want it. Mostly I read blogs where folks have exactly the opposite problem.



    • I dunno about Horacio but my deal goes like this. (fresh water cooled) Re-installing the Perkins, I replaced the the thermostat with a new expensive one from Perkins. I’ve only run the engine twice (approx 15min) with no temp reading. I grounded the wires from the sender and the meter maxed, so it’s ok. I’m gonna pull the sender to ohm it out and/or replace it. Or I might just put the old thermostat back in which evolves draining the coolant and removing the header tank… major pain where the “sun don’t shine”! Then again I just might get some much needed r&r. . The Perkins may be cool but we got 100deg this weekend!


      • If you ran the engine for only about 15 minutes at low RPMs, it’s not enough to heat up. I could run my engine in neutral all day (which I don’t) and it would hardly get warm.
        Diesels have to work hard to reach optimum temperature.
        Mine is running 10º cooler after I hauled out and replaced the anti-freeze with a 50% mix. Theoretically, that shouldn’t affect it. I also changed the fan belt, so maybe the water pump is pumping more. Maybe I have to rev it up more…but then I’ll get a speeding ticket.


      • Yeah, I’ll try to heat her up this weekend on a spin. But last year I could get 70-80C with 10 minutes idling. Likewise my belt is set up tighter and more paraflu coolant (premixed). Not heading anywhere yet so I got a week to tweak.


  3. 70-80º C within 10 minutes of idling!!! Man, your engine was constipated. It seems like we did the same thing: stronger coolant, new fan belt. What is this? Telapathy.


    • Telepathy? Howzabout working too much for little pay and getting raped by failing economies!! I want to retire early and cruise but…. gotta be careful what we wish for. Eg… I wasn’t that prepared to be a boat slave so early!
      Steve’s blog is pretty cool, eh


      • Yeah, Steve’s blog is a keeper, he’s got his act together.
        I have a couple of blogs in mind I can throw in the bin to give me time to read his. Don’t worry, yours isn’t one of them…for some reason reading your blog is like reading about the struggle of getting there (like me looking in the mirror). Have faith, we’ll get there…somewhere, anywhere, sometime. Hell, I’m hoping to sail to the Algarve next week and that’s exciting in its own way even though I’ve been there 10 times.


      • we’ll get there…somewhere, anywhere, sometime” Thanks man, cause I having a rough time with the “faith” thang. Here’s an example of something I didn’t need from GR polluting the dream. Zoot got a Gr flag in 2009. I’m declaring it this year and they’re considering it 4 years old (not 40!). That gives it a “tekmirio” (minimum what you get taxed for) of 22k euro (instead of approx 9k). Add 15k (declared) for the purchase. Add a car and house… it’s up to fucking 40+. And I only made 31 and took home 25 not to mention all the other crap (give us 500 here and there “to save the country ” bull). Gotta decide to pay up or lie and maybe get buried, by next week!
        So I’m not sailing off next week.
        But hopefully YOU are… bon voyage, mon ami and fair wind and seas!
        Gotta bend it like Steve!


      • What!!! I paid 3,500 euros VAT in the Azores when I crossed, plus a few hundred for formalities, agent, etc. and then sailed for years still flying a Canadian flag until I was rudely told to legalize it to Portuguese ownership (nevertheless, Jakatar ended up costing a small fortune, but that’s another story).
        I know what you mean about the dates, my ownership says “first registry in 2004” or thereabouts. So they consider Jakatar to be 9 years old.


      • Sounds interesting. ‘Would luv to check it out when/if I get a chance


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