Yup folks, there’s gotta be an easier way. They say “the first 100 years are difficult” and “if you wake up and don’t hurt somewhere, you’ve woken up dead”. Well, I’m  still here and alive and so is ol’ Zoot. And the “aaaahhhh” sounds I make are of content with the exception of a few “aaarg…oowww”s every time I move (which I’m trying to avoid!). It has been a long winter which zipped by so fast it makes my head spin, and I can now declare to myself that summer time is here again. Zoot Allures sails again!

IMG_1134Not exactly “sails again”, but she’s wet and so am I!

IMG_1119Last week…. a hot one with tons of running around like a head-less chicken balancing “real” work and boat work and last minute shopping and what have you. One job I’m happy getting done is dry-fitting the solar panel bridge. I’ve brought them home for the last hole drilling with the second identical panel and once set up, ol’ Zoot will have 100watts generating approx 6amps of juice. Seems like I’ll be drinking cold beers this summer if the fridge holds up!

IMG_1118IMG_1120Also with a launch date on Thursday, anti-foul painting was done in a frenzy. First coat in the afternoon after 6 (way to hot to do it earlier). And of course it was dark by the time I was done. Second coat at 7am the next morning (revealing the mess I made the previous night) using Zoot’s shadow for survival, and then blast downtown for work (involving mastering a “Rising Stars” CD for the European Concert Hall Organization) and then move my DAW to the outdoor venue for a concert recording). And I think that rusty red paint suits ol’ Zoot better than blue…Hmmmm?

Anyway, there lots of little details that that I’m leaving out (like the way I cussed out a little girl for kicking my beer over my cigarette papers and tobacco after my evening painting, and making a mess of the boat I has already tidied up 3 times looking for something). The launch was pushed over to Friday (too windy) which was god-sent cause I really needed that extra day.

IMG_1123Friday morn… the crane rolled in 7am. I was up at 6 clearing the decks of solar panels and A.C tools etc. And up she goes. As you can see, the keel still needed to be done. This entailed hastily scraping the dirt off, hand sanding and painting on the crane flat bed while the Kostas and the others laid the mast on. Long story short, while on my knees bending under the keel, I managed to stick my hair in my anti-foul paint tray… I am partially a redhead now!!

IMG_1127IMG_1128Vicky was up and came by to watch the whole regamaroll. She was quite empresses with the endurance needed from all for this operation. And she offered to take a picture for me… some kind of proof that I was there in some way or another. Anyway, everything went smoothly and Zoot Allures was plopped in the sea again.

IMG_1130IMG_1132Still plenty to do. I got my new windex (woohoo! thanks Kosta for making it happen) on the mast top and then the mast stepping. Then I was tied up and left to pick up the pieces while the crane went to bring Alex’s JibSea…. and the whole process was repeated. When it was all over, we brought are boats into the main harbor for water and setting up. And of course Alex helped me dock cause ol’ Zoot is a hog trying to back up with a head breeze!

The remaining portion of Friday and Saturday were full of cramped body pains and sweating in the hot harbor. Saturday at sundown, I cast off my stern lines and head out to my blue lagoon in Kalo Gialo. With a stiff 10knot breeze from the west, I opted to anchor instead of grabbing my mooring which is in unknown condition. I’m using Kostas old 18kgr delta type plough opposed to my original 10kgr Delta. It held fine and I slept like a baby.

IMG_1135IMG_1137Sunday morn… woke up to a beautiful morning. Kostas, Paula and the kids had come in the night and anchored next to me. After a wonderful morning swim, we had coffee, and shortly after Alex and his wife Efi (an avid follower of the blog) side-tied with Kostas and we all had a nice, much-needed lazy day with mezedes (snacks) and raki, lunch etc. IMG_1136Paula is the best floating hostess-with-the-mostes! I didn’t get much done on ol’ Zoot, still tools scattered on the pilot house settee but  I did manage to tie up to my mooring while everyone was napping.

The 3 amigos of Kalo Gialo are back!!!


Now I’m back at work, after rapping up this morning, and wondering why!? And I just found out I’m getting slammed for work this week. So in 47 years when I’m 100, things should (and they better) get easier!

Stay tuned

Capt. “Wet” Pete

ps… my new propeller is awesome!!!!!!!!! I got over 6 knots with only 1700 rpm. More experimentation to be done but in general all the engine, bilge, chainplate and windlass renovations are holding up just fine. Life is good! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

pss.. Kostas got a hair cut (from his natural, sun protecting winter dreadlocks) and shaved his beard. Why, Paula, why????!!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Aaaaahh……!

  1. Well done.
    Zoot is looking great in the water, that boat is loaded with character.
    So, I beat you into the water by one day, but you wrote about it earlier than me. In fact, I was writing my post when I got yours in the mail.


    • Hope your launch went smooooothly. Where are you, where’s Jakatar, where’s the naked boat post???
      The boat’s got character indeed. … more than I got for sure! When I weighed anchor exiting the port I was told of bystander admiration … until the anchor reached the top and jumped out of the roller to the side on the bulwark… ooops!


  2. kiwi says:

    Happy that u re wet again!! kalo taxido capt pete


  3. Awesome ! Good to see her in the water! Your surrounding countryside looks beautiful too, sometime maybe you could post more of your harbor and the landscape. I pulled Rubaiyat out of her 2 year sleep in the barn and may try to shut down the business for 30 days of august and take a vacation. Been lazy on my blog.
    ps. if you need any supplies from the states, I have a west marine just down the street and would be glad to ship something if needed.


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