Last Push Frenzy

Every one here has launched there boats and keep asking me what’s wrong with mine and making fun puns. “Shaddap!” is my usual response! The frenzy begins… I’ve gotten alot done except for taking pictures.

Last week I got back my fuel injector pump. I was stuck due to it being idle (what about everyone else??). Another 100euros…. so it’s true what they say about boats…

IMG_1109IMG_1114Last Friday, Paula had a play with all her English students (the story in search of a princess who slept on 100 mattresses and couldn’t sleep with a pea under them). Well, Kostas was kinda busy dancing and BBQ-in’ souvlakis so the pump wasn’t installed. No problemo… I had a good time eating and drinking. Then Kostas left for the weekend captain-ing some rich peoples’ 17meter kaiki (old traditional Greek fishing boat turned into a yacht). No prob, got plenty to do.

Saturday morning finished the chain locker saga, tightens down the windlass, fixed and tidied up the electrics and closed it up ready to load the chain. Lunch at G.S. and then… I forget, gotta keep notes, but it was productive anyway.

Sunday Alexandra and Nikos (see last summers kayak visit) came over for a final cleaning. Instead of using soap we boiled a bunch of rosemary in a pot, stems and all  and wiped the entire interior, per Paulas recommendation. The results were outstanding! Ol’ Zoot’s innards are shinny as hell! Who would have known plus it smells great. Of course it was hot as hell and the sweat was pouring wilts moving every thing around. But the closets have been reassembled and the headliners are in place so the chainplate saga is over as well. The next morning Alexandra and I slapped on some more WoodSkin on the dog-house entrance and cockpit and we head back to town for work.

Kostas was delayed 2 days with the old rich farts having a great time, but last night (Thursday) we got the pump on and got the Perkins running. I also did some work on my cap-rails after finally finding the proper screws. Of course my bungs are too large to need smaller ones. Also I finally tore out the head to install the new Jabsco pump and base (since last year… I’m tired having to shit and pray). Of course the I had the wrong O ring for the basin and the old screws weren’t appropriate. Gotta go shopping again. Plus I need cotter pins! IMG_1117And shopping I did. Cotter pins 2 sizes, 8mm teak bungs, O ring, various screws and washers. And I also picked up a fender sock (for one of my fenders which gets all goo-y but still fictional) and 20 meters of nylon(?) strap to use as a life line to hook onto wilts sail off into the horizon, and some other stuff. Whatever. But what I did find down at the shops in Piraeus was brand new (unused) Optimus 155 marine kerosene cookers just like mine for 120 euros. Mine cost 100 to restore. A new burner goes for 100 alone. I would buy a new one but I’m running out of bucks plus my job isn’t paying us…NARF!

This week end a final wrap. It’s too windy to launch but there is a window on Tuesday. Hopefully the next post will be a wet one.

Stay tuned,

Capt. Pete

ps… this is a hasty post cause I gotta run to work. The concert hall prez and general manager is having a meeting explaining to all of us about the lack of funds, plus it’s the “european day of music”  and I gotta work 5 gigs in the gardens. La, lala, la, lala lala laaaa!

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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Last Push Frenzy

  1. Launching on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be back in the Atlantic sometime this week.
    If the ocean water level rises a tiny wee bit, I’ll know you’ve launched.
    Mon, the Greek political situation is ready for a haulout and serious maintenance…Portugal isn’t far behind…and then the world, maybe. Who scheduled this crap for my middle age? Bad timing.


    • I was gonna launch Tuesday (today) as well, but moved it to Thursday. Are you calling ol’ Zoot FAT?? (look who’s talking! lol)
      The political situation is just as dumb as ever… same shit, different day. That’s why I put on 2 coats of antifoul, just in case. I heard the juice might be cut here at work on the 5th of July. Ohhh, an early vacation. But they did shut down the public TV and radio. I thought black screens meant tanks are rolling down the streets. I haven’t check it out recently, neither Portugal. Good to know we can escape by sea!


      • Incredible! I’m scheduled to launch on Thursday morning.
        Good luck with the work situation…I don’t know about the tanks rolling down the streets, but the 0.05% of people who own and run the world are pushing their luck (and greed) a bit too far.


      • And we just got a new government sworn in yesterday… same dudes switched around (yawn).
        And my launch just got rescheduled for Friday (narf!)


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