Progress made… almost

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s blinding!

old solenoid

old solenoid pic

Last Friday afternoon, after work, I went down to ol’ Zoot determined to figure out why the Perkins wouldn’t tick over… why there wasn’t any juice going to the starter motor… and impress Kostas. Of course that didn’t happen. Next morning Kostas figured it out. I had reconnected the main lead to the starter on the wrong solenoid pole. I hadn’t taken notes on that one. I got 2 solenoids. The big old one is dead and is a junction for the lead going to the newer solenoid next to it, so the 2 leads should have been on the same post (who’s nut I had left  loose to remind me… dummie strikes again).

IMG_1063IMG_1073Time to turn that baby over. Bleed, bleed, bleed. Well, the main diesel filter cup drain had a crack sucking air. Kostas found a replacement naturally.  Bleed, bleed, bleed, crank, crank, crank… still no fire up from the Perkins. There wasn’t fuel getting to the atomizers. IMG_1077Long story short, Kostas removed the CAV fuel injector pump, a depressing and difficult task along with some mumbling about how the Brits design injectors under exhaust manifold etc. He took it apart looking for an obvious flaw but we just wrapped it up to go to the shop. And of course we had frequent visits from his daughter Katerina with lots of questions with her mythology homework (did you know “golden fleece” Jason was raised by a centaur? I didn’t.) Anyway, before closing shop, I cleaned the engine bay from all the bled diesel. No problem with the modified bilge gathering the engine “droppings” to an easy mop-out location.

IMG_1065IMG_1093That Saturday evening, I picked up Mom from the airport and went to ma bro’s to celebrate his birthday. Good times. I BBQ-ed for the first time on a propane BBQ… almost hated it… not hot enough heat plus missing the charcoal taste! Mom had been in Mykonos for a couple of weeks and had a Zoot Allures T-shirt made for me. She went through the trouble of getting the shop to see the blog for the right font. Mom, you’re the best!

Sunday, back on ol’ Zoot. Kostas, Paula and kids spend their day on the water (I soooo jealous… gotta launch before I kill myself). They offered me to come along but I opted to show character and slave away. Back in the yard, I was alone and had one of the most productive days on the boat. Windlass installation… BOOM, done! Chainplate installation… BOOM, done!

IMG_1080IMG_1081Windlass… dry fitted, removed, last surface prep with sand paper and acetone. First install the wooded plate with bolts in for guides and weighted down with the windlass itself and fingered the excess sealant. In the afternoon, I was going to use sealant for the windlass itself (I had already taped it off) but it’s kinda hard getting it lined up with the first try with the cables and would of made a real mess. Not being able to find butyl tape anywhere and too expensive to import, I decided to use Blue-Tack… lets consider this an experiment. I feel it’s gonna be a success!

IMG_1084I used a vice-grip to hold the bolts whilst I tighten them from the chainlocker (with the new backing plates). Now all that’s left is to tidy up the cables and have someone to hold the bolts for final tightening. Booyah!

IMG_1082IMG_1085Chaineplates… same prepping and pretty much same installation with sealant. I even used some blue-tack on the u-bolts. I tightened them slightly to let the sealant dry in order to form the flange and tightened them well the next day. Booyah again!

IMG_1086Nice and shinny on mud-rain stained decks! Man it feels good to get stuff done that’s been laying around for months!

IMG_1087IMG_1089So Monday morning, I tightened down the chainplates. With some time to spare and left over Danboline paint, I decided to give  the chainlocker a bit of freshening up. I wasn’t to picky, just wire-brushed, acetone wiped and applied a coat. We’ll see how that holds up. Then back to the city to work. Jean-Claude Juncker was here and I was stuck in a control room listening to translation of… bullshit! Not to mention all the security and police, K-9’s, politicians, ,TV crews and bullshit loving assholes! Ahhh, the life of a sailboat slave.

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

ps… Kostas says he’s done when we get the Perkins started. That means I might launch next week. Time to haul ass and rap this baby up! Pressure!!!!

IMG_1079pss… almost forgot. I had some UV Sikaflex left over from last year and some other brand of sealant. I used he other brand. Not quite sure if it’s polysulfide or polyurethane. Time shall show.

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Progress made… almost

  1. Tate says:

    Looking good. I’d be interested in a six month report on that blue tack as we continue our quest to find the ultimate boat sealants.


    • Hey Tate! You and Dani are one of my biggest inspirations, especially with sealants. I used blue tack to plug the chainplate holes throughout the winter and it was still fine. Lets see what happens when it “bakes” under the windlass this summer.
      “Hi” to Dani. Keep up the great work with Sundowner.


  2. That’s a lot of progress for somebody who has a day job! Doesn’t hurt to have Kostas help you with the tricky stuff…was he born on a sailboat or what?


    • Thanks, mon. Kostas is fantastic, just don’t ask him to do something you can do yourself. Plus he’s a great teacher and friend… I’m sooo lucky to have met him.
      Speaking of day job… everyone’s on strike 2day due to the government shutting down the public tv/radio stations… good day to buy my zincs!


  3. Sue Hyett says:

    Hi Peter
    I’ve just caught up with your wonderfully detailed blogs and now (in utter amazement at all the BIG stuff you’ve been sorting out) wonder what happened to the demoralized wimp who took fright at a few headlining screws a few months ago!! What a transformation Danboline packs a real punch then?.(prefer Ginseng myself)………….Here’s wishing you good luck for the big splash and some fantastic sailing.
    All best
    Sue Hyett


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