Perkins-noir-orama #4 the Conclusion (?)


‘Been a crazy week. Been gong in everyday after work. I’m bushed, but progress has been made. Time to rap up this Perkins saga.


IMG_1036IMG_1037We left off with a freshly painted engine plopped on Zoot Allures. Last Friday afternoon… married the TMP transmission to the Perkins. We replaced the bolts (’cause the old ones were stripped) and the new ones needed some shortening. Then re-installed the starter motor. I could go on on what a pain in the butt that was… maybe another post. All I gotta say is Kostas is the “Man”. So much so that he is Kostas, not Kastas for fun anymore. RESPECT!

IMG_1040IMG_1041Saturday… time to plop her in. First, raise it and remove floor boards. Second, I went under it (yikes!!!!!) to fill that bilge modification void with some polyurethane foam… something I should have done a while back… but I’m a dummy. Then it was a matter of lowering it down while pulling inwards, lining up the mounts, alignment, shaft coupling, cables, wiring and most of the cooling hydraulics. IMG_1044IMG_1047IMG_1050It was a beautiful cool and cloudy day (opposed to hot and sweaty) and we took breaks, my bro and wife came by, Kosta’s daughter also was aboard doing math homework. That evening I went to G.S. and Vicky’s for dinner. It was a cool evening, June 1st, first day of summer(?) and we lit up the fire place for the sake of irony! That night I slept aboard while it rained…mud! Zoot’s a mess!

Sunday was… Sunday. Kostas was expecting 50 people for his younger daughter’s birthday party so he got the day off. After helping him shopping (150 souvlakis to BBQ), I took the opportunity to drill my backing plates. When I was an engineer working at BASF, I was an artist drilling holes in metal plates and stuff in the lab. Even thought I measured and measured with calibers etc…. I made a total mess of them and had to go at them with a 12mm drill sideways and …. embarrassing is putting it lightly. (Yo Chip! This one’s for you!)

IMG_1057Windlass backing plates… gonna need bigger washers!

IMG_1056IMG_1059This week… sneaking out from work I did some more shopping. Oil filter, diesel filter, raw water impeller, exhaust hose, rail grabs (for up coming photovoltaic panel bridge). But the real gems are the new, re-fabricated stainless exhaust elbow, a new original wind-ex (for mast top wind direction indication) and a much needed 70cm tweezer gripper (5bucks!). Now Kostas can work without the anxiety of me bitching about him dropping things way down in the bilge. Life is good!


Perkins 4.108


We got all the plumbing on. Filled with oil and coolant, corrected leaks. Tried tuning her over last night but only got a “click”. D’oh! Probably something easy to remedy but it was dark so that’ll be my first “noodle-ing” task this afternoon and should have a good startup this weekend.

So I guess that raps up the Perkins saga. It’s been interesting, educational, scary, messy, aggravating, kinda expensive, and fun. Never again though… please!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… still soo much work to be done. Chainplates, windlass, cleaning, antifoul…..narf!

2 weeks??


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Perkins-noir-orama #4 the Conclusion (?)

  1. Zoots’ engine is looking great.

    Hope she gets in soon.

    Fair winds,



  2. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that goes something like this: “there is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats”.
    I guess that depends on what is meant by “messing around”…it seems that you’re exceeding that to a scale of busting your #$&%# to get back in the water.
    2 weeks? Ha, I might be back in the water before you.
    Anyways, good work and admirable stamina.


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