Goin’ Slowly… but surely.

Here’s a quicky cuz I’m pressed for time. Plus my motorcycle (1995 Yamaha TT600) is in the shop and I’ve been walking too many miles.!

So where did I leave off…

Oh yeah. So last week I spent most of my afternoons fixing the Europa sinking de-flatable on my balcony back home. Lots of slow leaks, very hard to find. Most are at the seams so I spatula-ed glue on them. Whatever… hopefully it’ll last one more season without busting my nuts. If all fails, I still got the new quadra-colored one. (Sorry, no pics).

Last Saturday I cut the backing plates (with my scary angle grinder) for the chainplates and windlass. I would have probably opened the holes and installed, but my 12v cordless drill wasn’t up to the gig so I opted to wait for my power drill from back home.

P104-384-256-379-09110Sunday I spent with family in remembrance of Dad’s passing 2 years ago. Cheers Daddio, Miss ya.

Tuesday afternoon I went down with the drill. Got side-tracked… Kastas cousin with the crane came and putting the Perkins in was an option But ol” Zoots a mess plus Kastas wasn’t there. He’d be back in couple of hours so I spent most of the time just prepping and cleaning (eg… taking off the door). Kastas arrived but his cousin never came by again. So I closed up… put the door back on. P104-265-255-480-08061Then Kasta said another crane was coming 2morrow and that he could lift the Perkins back in in by absence. Took the door back off… getting pretty good at it now! Later that evening I went to the port to hang… literally. I hoisted Kastas up his mast to fix his streaming and deck lights. I’ve never hoisted a soul before so anxiety was high. Nothing a couple of pops of raki couldn’t cure.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went by the port and found Kasta on his boat Kaisi doing some more repairs (fresh water pump) and I just hung out with him (coffee, assisting and unwinding from work). I did go to Zoot Allures at some point.

P107-335-256-415-0f053Booyah! Perkins and Zoot Allures re-unite! Got the door back on and went back to port to hoist Kastas up his mast again. Repetition is good practice methinkith! Probably working and prepping it this afternoon for dropping it in the machine room and rap that saga up threw the week end.

Greek frontBytheway… my family birthday present came. 2011 edition Imray Greek water Pilot by R. Heikell.  Last year I had borrowed by brothers but it was time to get my own. Plus it’s a newer edition with colored pictures (yawn). I really love their rap on Zoot Allures’s dwellings, Porto Rafti

IMG_1032Got the bike back (ouch! another 400euros for tires, breaks and a “big” service. I’ll probably blast out and get diesel oil, windlass oil, coolant etc.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… my pal “maddog” Ilias tuned me on to this. I don’t know if it was the guys on the left and right or the conclusion… but I fell of by couch laughing. Whatever works…

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Goin’ Slowly… but surely.

  1. That’s a lot of backing plates. Looking at your beheaded engine got me thinking about my unpleasant task of changing the transmission.
    Funny that the pilot book for Greece was written by Rod, an Aussie I think. I was asked to write about the Portuguese coast for Wiki Cruising, but I have no time. However, it gave me food for thought for eventually writing a guide for Portugal.
    Got to sail up to Nazaré this week even if it kills me (which I hope it doesn’t). I’m translating non-stop and “I can’t take it anymore!!!”


    • Yes, I must admit it has been unpleasant. It was one of my biggest fears of buying a boat…plus chainplates. Must have been written in the stars.
      I hope you haven’t such unpleasant things to write about Portugal!?
      I know it’s hard to refuse work during an economic crisis… but your rate of work seems to have gotten ridiculous. Now, sail up to Nazare and yank that tranny!


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