Two Tony’s

I don’t know how it is in your parts of the world, but over here it’s just about summer time. By 1pm the sun is brutal till around 6. Hot and sweaty… Here we go again!

In the boat yard there are two boats owned by two Antoni’s. The older one, retired in his sixties  got a sailboat (un-known model) and the other one bought 2 sailboats last year. His main boat is a 33′ First which was pulverized mid-ship in a race (apparently the another bow was in the salon!) and also a Beneteau for scrap were he kept the mast and do da’s. Both of these guy use up a lot of Kastas while I silently await my turn.

This past weekend I went down to ol’ Zoot determined to start rapping things up. The plan was to spent the weekend and to help out Monday morn with the launching of the two Tony’s and then blast to to town to work (at the shit hole which announced we aren’t getting paid in full this month!). Went shopping (again) got some more red paint for the Perkins, anti-foul painting paraphernalia, some fresh blue-tak, sand paper etc.  Kastas was working elsewhere and the Tony’s were feverishly cleaning there boat from the African mud rain that was dumped on us last Friday. I took the opportunity to hit my Iroko with 120 grit and get it all ready for WoodSkin application that afternoon. By the time I was done, so were the Tony’s with the hose and I gave the wood a good wash down. The sun was so brutal I had no doubt it would be dry later on.

IMG_1020IMG_1017After a quick visit at G.S.,  I attacked the Iroko. A final wipe with acetone and application. After 3 hours, getting dark, the mosquitoes in full attack mode and a couple of trashed knees, I got the first coat on- another 3 to go. And it looks a bit crappy. I could of spent more time on sanding it down to a beautiful uniform blond color but opted not to (if I sand every year so much, there wont be much wood left) and just preserve (last year was great but only got one coat on which didn’t hold well, oh well)

IMG_1019Sunday. I really needed to clean out the secondary water tank. Long story short, I spent two hours under the cockpit. Most of the time I was trying to loosen a hose clamp from under the tank. I failed! Anyway, I got the top open, dumped a bunch of soda powder in there and vinegar. Occasionally I’d blow up the hose under the cockpit to reactivate the fuzz and also used my garden sprayer to start rinsing. Came out pretty good, not enough for drinking though (another winter project left for next year). After that I was hijacked and went for a ride in Kastas boat with a friend and kids and actually had my first swim… and it was grand! But I do feel like I have betrayed Zoot Allures (I want us to splash together).

Monday morn…what’s all that noise?

IMG_1028IMG_1023‘Drag my sleepy butt to the cockpit and it’s Maria airborne! Something you don’t see often from your cockpit seat. Anyway all went well with the two Tony launching. I was going to write more about this but decided it hasn’t got much to do with Zoot Allures , does it. Hopefully now with the Tony’s outahere, I’ll get some quality Kasta time. He’s the man. 2 launches with mast steppings and dealing with freaked out Tony’s!!

IMG_1024The Tony’s are wet and I ain’t. This sucks! The way I see it… two 5hour sessions with Kasta. Get the Perkins back in, install my new chainplates and windlass, anti-foul and …splaaaaash!

2 weeks?

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… I almost forgot. Back home, having found the slow leak in my trusty sinking deflatable, I put a nice big patch on it. 24 hours later I blew her up (Friday). Monday night after work, 3 days later,  I found her more deflated than ever! WTF!! And I spell that out for you. What The Fuck!!! Looks like I’m spending my afternoon today on the balcony and a hose. Pa mal!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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5 Responses to Two Tony’s

  1. Ilias says:

    so did you win any tony award or were you at least nominated?


  2. Ilias says:

    tilly me,i should have guessed


  3. hanna says:

    Do Da´s Kastas and the two Tony´s
    Would be a great film title! should I ask Guguk?
    back to cold n´fuck´n wet Vienna (sorry pete YOUR my teacher!)
    missin brutal hot n´sweaty greece
    HUGSthe HuGs


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