Perkins-zing, Propping and then some more…

Last night we had a farewell dinner (fried zucchini, salads, fava, horta, meat balls etc)  at a tavern for Hanna and Gustav (see previous post). They rent a house on Aegina Island from a friend Fey. Down by the house is a little beach on an ancient bay (you can see submerged  the old dock and Hanna has seen some old pots and stuff). Over Easter the trees got bulldozed down and apparently they want to built a marina and fill the beach with umbrellas and shit. It’s quite upsetting and action must be taken!(stay tuned). Fey also showed up at the tavern. She has a speech the next day. I asked her what her job was. She said she’s a philosopher. I thought she was kidding, thinking none existed any more. I believe all my important cultural friend like me because of the magnitude of my being a total moronic CLUTS! Hey, the wine was pretty good too!

On the other hand

IMG_0989IMG_0981IMG_0988BOOM! Last Sunday I painted the Perkins… RED. Alot of people in England are gonna be pissed but I couldn’t find the classic Perkins colour in high temp paint… so red it is. Plus I like it’s new devilish attitude! 3 spray cans weren’t enough, gotta get 2 more plus, after lunch,  when I went to move the trailer out of the way with Kastas drunk cousin (not pictured), we knocked the engine over and the transmission fell off messing up the paint job! There is a moral to this story somewhere…


IMG_1010IMG_0999IMG_1009I picked up my new Eliche Radice propeller! I’m officially minus 565euros (ouch! 105euros in 23% tax is killing me). Zoot Allures brother in Norway (thanks Bror) says he gets 6knots @2000rpms. Hopefully I will too. (the old non-original 3blade would only get 5.5 @3000rpm…pathetic!)

21inch diameter, 16 pitch right handed FYI… nice and shinny!

IMG_1015And then some more…

IMG_0986IMG_0987I started putting back together my old winches after restoring then this winter. I cant  find  butyl tape anywhere and it costs 50 bucks to ship from the US.! I was out of blue-tack but found some other stuff aboard(?) and …we’ll see. Byetheway… don’t put off putting your winches back together too long… good thing I had the schematics!

Meanwhile back home…

P105-445-255-306-11039Peter's birthday 53 001I epoxy-ed the windlass board, painted the v-berth insert and somewhat put together my swimming ladder. Also celebrated my birthday with sister, Mom, sister-in-law, brother, nieces, nephew and of course Panos the dog. I cooked them up some chicken breast stur-fried with garlic, ginger, rosemary, shredded lemon peel etc. ‘Came out “if”-y but Mom’s strawberry cake was splendid!

‘Called Kastas the other day. He says we’ll plop the Perkins back in and launch. I told him I need at least 2-3 more weeks. He said I didn’t!! Now I lay awake at night rambling my mind with stuff I need/want to to.

Panic mode!

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

IMG_1004ps… I was going to name this post something relative to propeller-heads but I couldn’t take a decent pic. Last night at the tavern I previewed the shots and was informed this one had to make it. You all can be the judge!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Perkins-zing, Propping and then some more…

  1. Never seen a bright red boat engine before, but it looks grand. And I didn’t know they made two-blade props that big, you usually see them on smaller engines. (See, I’m learning all kinds of stuff reading your blog). How big is your engine anyway?
    Hey, I’m a philosopher too (at least I have a degree, and dam right I studied Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – not to mention 3-part Greek tragedies). Too bad I can’t set up an office and charge people to rant and rave about life.
    Still waiting for a weather-work window to sail up to Nazaré for the haulout. Maybe next week. The weather has been so crappy, it smells.


    • Lousy smelly weather? Here it’s been grand. Huge African dust cloud keep temps in the high 20’s, some muddy rain…cars are a mess! Gonna hit 35 on Sunday…god help us. Kastas want to launch me Monday with another boat… no F.W. Just lost two nights sleep thinking about it! He makes it seem sooo easy!
      The Perk’s a 1760cc 4cylinder. 47hp@ 4000rpm. Governor limits it to 3000rpm with 36hp. 3:1 reduction tranny so the props at 1000. Big sucker, eh! Fjord original was 22inches. They can’t make ‘em folding so big though. Still haven’t figured out a braking system …yet.
      Can’t get the Edie Brickell “philosophy” whine out of my head… yuck!


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