Dealing with Holes and Holy Days

Yup, it’s been kinda crazy with boat jobs, day jobs, moving friends, visiting friends, Greek Orthodox Easter, family and so on. I had plans on making this a rather interesting post with tons of “good” pictures…. good thing my sis did a better job to a certain extent (thanks Christina!).

I’ll try to be brief. 2 weekends ago, down on ol’ Zoot, I spent most of my time knocking off the rest of the chain plates and prepped the deck holes by scraping most of the old sealant out with a round file and drill bit. While I was at it I also prepped the windlass deck holes and chain locker for future re-enforcing with fiberglass. Thatsalotta holes…18!!  Also I measured out and have decided to use backing plates instead of washers for the for-mentioned and have acquired 5meters of 5x40mm aluminum which shall also be used to built a bridge over the pilot house to house 2 photovoltaic panels (yes, I got a second one which brings me to 100watts).

And I just remembered. That Saturday around 2pm when it was getting pretty hot, one of the older boat slaves in the yard came aboard, I offered some raki. He was hesitant but convinced to respect tradition(!). Soon after, his brother and Kastas joined us, then another friend Triandaphilos climbed up, then Alex… long story short, we all got off Zoot Allures around 6 o’clock with an empty liter bottle of raki. It has been unusually hot like summer and laziness has kicked in! How original!!

Last week the funk began. Mon. and Tues. day job plus help Percules move house (just what my aching body needed… my right shoulder is spent!… nothing compared to him, a victim of the financial crisis). Wednesday, May 1st Strike Day! And Thursday thru Tuesday off work due to Easter! That gives me 2 days Zoot work, 4 days Easter with family at our Nafplio farm and then another on ol’ Zoot. Woot!

IMG_0952IMG_0946May 1st. I went down to Z.A… and striked! It was real hot and Alexandra came down with Susie (from New Orleans, wife of my oil tanker captain friend) + daughters. We all went for lunch for ouzo, octopus and general Gr Easter fasting food. (All of their pics came out horrible, sorry Sue).  Thursday was more productive. I de-greased the Perkins and gave it a high pressure wash down and found a corrosion hole on the timing gear cover. ARG! (to be continued)

IMG_0961IMG_0957Friday. Picked up ma sis and dog Panos and drove down to Nafplio. 15 clicks before the farm there is an old factory converted to some kind of antique workshop with a boat on the roof which is is darn good excuse to check it out.  Pretty funky place and good beer! Back at the farm, ( meeting up with Mom, ma bro with wife and kids and Eva the sea dog) our good friends from Austria, Hanna and Gustav came to join us for Easter. Gustav has just finished his new 6 year film project “Shirley – Visions of Reality”.

If you have any taste in the arts and film, definitely check it out here and here.

Easter pretty much consisted on having a good lovin’ time, BBQing, eating, drinking and also a few house fix-r-up jobs. Hanna made the most amazing pistachio cake/pie to die for!!20130505_165009 20130505_17320120130506_151636The weather was absolutely b-e-a-u-t-iful and every one also went swimming in the sea… not me… saving my 1st swim for “splash day” and my “jewels” don’t like the cold water!

P118-445-255-306-0f053IMG_0979Hey! This blog is about Zoot Allures. To stay on the subject and to keep the faith, I brought a few Z.A. projects with me to work on during the festivities. We got more tools there so I cut out a mounting board for the windlass, a trapezoid board for the v-berth, a Velcro framed mosquito net for the hatch,  and also worked on building a new swim ladder (to be continued).

Monday night I left Nafplio, bypassed Athens and went straight to Porto Rafti port for a couple of raki pops with Kastas and Alex and went to bed on  ol’ Zoot. Tuesday was a productive boat day. P119-297-256-422-18035I prepped all the (18) deck holes with thickened epoxy. I filled the aft windlass holes because the bottom part was getting flakey due to the washers and I fiberglassed the area where the back plate will go. Not an easy job due to the direct sun beaming thru the cable and chain holes in my face. Even a camera lens couldn’t deal with it. And I also fiberglassed the bottom of the chain locker to the bulkhead. I’ll find out 2morrow how that all went… I’m really terrible at fiberglassing. I got new bolts for the windlass and will probably install it this weekend.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… good thing my client didn’t show up this Friday morning… I would have never have gotten the post up

pss… hey! it got cold and rainy again!!!!!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Dealing with Holes and Holy Days

  1. gustav says:

    great report capt pete! and thanx a lot for posting shirley! may I ask you to exchange the second link to screen daily with the one to hollywoodreporter:
    its the better review!
    thank you, and hope to see you again before we leave next friday, gustav.


  2. Bilge reconfiguration and painting, engine removal, epoxied holes, fiberglassing, chainplate upgrade, socialising (raki pops), working, blogging…got tired just thinking about everything you’re doing.
    Hurry up, I wanna hear some water stories.


    • Axxx. Alas Horacio, I’m actually getting pretty sick of it all as well… practically depressed and that’s why I haven’t been writing much (and the econ. crisis is helping at all). I need water stories soon before I loose it. Howzabout you help out in that department (hint hint)!


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