I said it last year…

…. and I said it again this year….
“Next year I’m gonna pay someone to sand the old antifoul!!!!!”

P102-445-255-306-11039Hey y’all. Not much to write about ’cause there ain’t much going on. The “real” job has been screwing up my past 3 weekends. I have been blasting in on a weekdays here and there and got a couple of coats of Danboline in the “baby bilge” aft of the head. That paint is nasty stuff. Last Saturday evening, after the paint had dried a few days and ol’ Zoot was air out all day, I was pondering around the galley and had shut the door and hatch to escape the mosquitoes (yes… their back!). After an hour I got out rather ill and had to hang around a couple of hours just to recover to get home. WTF! So if any of you plan on using Danboline or Bilgekote, know that your boat will be inhabitable for days!

P114-445-255-306-08084P121-445-255-306-08076The weather has been cool and cloudy and is perfect for rough work. Eg sand down the old antifoul paint. Equipped with my trusty orbital, 40 grit and shopvac, mask, headphone-earplugs and goggles I attacked! Bytheway…. if you’ve been using your mask for epoxying and painting, change the filter!! When I wore mine I got two good wiffs and almost fell over. Good thing I had a spare. And if you buy a shopvac, get a good one that takes paper bags. Mine doesn’t and I use generic bags stuffed in the hose attachment and they tear and it’s a big f-ing mess and a royal pain in the ass!

And speaking of pain… the curse of a long keel sailboat. That’s alotta real estate! I can only get 25% done in 3 hours and then my arms (from my shoulders down) fall off (again!) and need 4-5 days to grow back. I’ve tried pre-stretching yoga exercises and meditate “karate kid fence painting” technique but to no avail. I still got a 1/4 left to do and it’s getting hot again. The funny/dumbass thing is that I’m spending more on gas money than it would cost to have someone else do it. Howdoyalike dem apples! But I love my whale of a hull and this way the two of us unite as one (do I hear violins?).

So NEXT year…….!

This weekend is a full Zoot Allures weekend (got some screens to keep the mosquitoes out).

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

ps… been working….

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to I said it last year…

  1. Pete,
    Good to see you working! Why are you sanding the paint every year?
    In all these years I’ve never sanded Jakatar’s bottom paint, not once; it gets a power wash, I scrape any flaky-looking stuff and roll on another two coats. Maybe when it builds up to a foot thick I’ll chisel it off with a compression hammer.
    I’ve been working so hard, for so long I’m going to blow my top if I don’t sail south soon.
    When’s the splash?


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