Bilge-orama #3

If you missed last weeks post, don’t worry about it. So did I.  There just wasn’t much to write about. So to sum up the past 2 weeks…

P114-283-256-472-11039In the bilge, I kept on getting goo seeping up through cracks so I made my last attempt to chisel away at the bottom of ol’ Zoot with a hammer and srewdriver… an odd thing to do on a boat indeed. As you can see, there is still some oil under the stuff I chisel off. Since I must proseed with so much more, I went hard at it and declare it done and ready to fill in with thickened epoxy.

P094-271-256-477-3f024Another thing annoying me was small amounts of water in the bilge when I would return after a few days. It was trapped behind this baby bulkhead supporting the stern tube. It was full of mud, nuts, bolts and other “stuff”. I loosened it all up with a screwdriver, dug my hand in and removed the “hard ware” and vac-ed the rest and cleaned.

P103-392-256-369-08070It was a long weekend, again (National holiday-beginning date of the 1821 revolution against the 400yr Turkish occupation, with parades yada yada yada ) and I can’t remember details, but I ate and drank on several occasions. But on one of my returns I found my propeller off! Kastas did it without me and I missed all the fun! D’oh! Then we found this

P097-392-256-398-08080Apparently one of the previous dumbass owners had installed one more step under the water line, removed and fill the holes. And their repair job has failed! This means Zoot Allures has 4 holes in the butt. God, what else will I find. This finding will be dealt with but is starting to freak me out!

But that was the previous weekend. During the past week I met up with Kastas down in Piraeus and put in order in for my new prop from ELICHE RADICE SPA in Italy. Going with a 2 blade 21inch /16pitch prop like the MS33 originally had. A fellow Fjord owner says he gets 6 knots at 2000rpms aposded to my 5.5 at 3000rpm. I’m excited about this upgrade and 500 clams short…d’oh! And I also picked up an 18euro can of Danboline bilge paint (same as Bilgekote methinkith)

P117-445-255-306-08075P112-445-255-306-08052Last weekend… Saturday I mixed up a healthy amount of epoxy with filler and evened out the holes I had chiseled out. But first I went in with an angle grinder to even out and roughen the surfaces, dust off and cleaned with acetone. Since this had to cure ’till Sunday, I used the time and pumped out 80liters of diesel from the tank. Last year I made a mess of myself and the boat but this time was easy, clean and rather dainty. Apparently some did get away with out my noticing and drained through the shower hose opening into the bilge on my epoxy patch! My first reaction was blasphemous but it wasn’t much and no harm was done. Later on I made cardboard templates for the foam boards to reconstruct the bilge area and cut the foam.

Sunday… time to do some constructing with foam and fiberglassing. We measured the clearances, dry fitted the boards and marked the area. Then Kastas instructed me to grind the area with the angle grinder. On his return he figured I was right when I say I’m a wimp when it comes to angle grinders (which scare the shit out of me). So he dove in to do it right, like a real man he is. I held up a tarp to control the white powder dust from getting all over the boat while waving the shop-vac hose around. He’s da Man! I’m the wimp. Check out his hair!

P119-445-255-306-09059When he was done, I reverse the vac hose, got him outside and gave him a dust-off blow-job… however odd that sounds.

After a few pops of raki and some spinach pie we proceeded with the first construction. And of course Kastas did this as well because I was guaranteed to fuckitallup and would need a jack hammer to clean  the mess. The only hitch was that I kept misplacing the scissors I was using to cut the fiberglass cloth and the epoxy started smoking in the can which was pretty scary.  I did manage to burn a finger getting the can outathere!

P107-445-255-306-08062And this is how we left it. The concept is to have any water in the bilge to accumulate in a smaller area with the help of an inclined glassed epoxied foam board. Declaring a job well done… it was time for a BBQ in the beautiful Spring weather!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… All of this is taking time due to drying times. One more day for the next board, then another to paint the first coat, another for the second coat…. looks like I’m launching in  month behind schedule. Plus the “real” job is “sucking”. I gotta work next Saturday noon to 8pm which screws up a whole bilge day. D’oh! But winter is over and life in the boat-slave lane is good!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Bilge-orama #3

  1. isaac381 says:

    Thought mabey you had been in the bilge the whole time! Hows Greece?


    • I kinda feel like I’ve been in he bilge all my life!
      Greece…. one of Gods finest creations of a country, governed by crooks and thieves, inhabitant by dummies (takes one to know one) and is the most beautiful country you’d love to hate. Austerity measures really bite and lots of people I know are having an extremely difficult time… loosing jobs, businesses and homes. The Cyprian banks which closed for 10 days really rocked the boat. I still got my head above water, but for how long… Kinda wish it would all fall apart so I could sail away… but then again, I gotta be careful what I wish for.


  2. After reading your post I feel a whole lot better for not doing a lick of work on my boat recently. I got the same sense of satisfaction and didn’t even get my hands dirty. Isn’t life in the bilge a gas?


  3. Yup… it’s a jumping Jack flash thing alright. And speaking of gas… smoking epoxy in a can is too funky for me!


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