Bilge-orama #2

Well folks,

The whole 3day weekend came and went, Frankie. (___). Guess where I spent it.


P098-331-256-422-18035How else would it be a Bilge-orama? (cont. from Bilge-orama #1). Saturday, on my way out, I grabbed some headset earplugs and protective glasses and dove in. I poured in alotta degreaser and started alot of  scrub, scrub, brush, brush. I couldn’t find my filtered  mask and the fumes were rough. I’d hold my breath diving in, popping out for air and back in. Kinda like being under water. Every 5 mins I’d need a break! After an hour at it I pumped and dumped da gook. The engine mounts where if-y  so I removed them and cleaned them up

P111-445-255-306-08082Kastas, Paula and the kids where out of town for the weekend so I had my Tupperware lunch (lasagna with Ioanna’s Xmas mincemeat defrosted and prepared the previous night= budget), and decided to search for my filtered mask. I searched for 2 hours. I opened all the storage cupboard 3 times (I now know where everything is). A bag with mask, spare filters and goggles was nowhere?!? I almost cried. I spent the rest of the afternoon chiseling and scraping the paint off the engine mount brackets. By 7 it was getting dark. I vacuumed up the paint chips, cleaned up and howled into the darkness of a lonely dark cottage boatyard night. Aaaaaooouu. I opted to take off for home, but did pass by Percules, had a coupla pops and walked the dog. Spending your whole day in a bilge and de-assembled boat, not talking/seeing a soul, can mess you up!

Sunday, back in with the firm purpose to finish the cleaning. I had brought a lot of water in 20liter jugs and with bucket and liquid laundry detergent and brushes I went at it. It was actually fun. I used my cockpit manual bilge pump to empty it all out (and it seems to be working fine). Officially, after the bilge pump, 10liters of water remain in the bilge, to be hand-pumped. I plan on shortening it. Any way, we are all squeaky-clean! Still gotta chisel some failing paint, but hear ya go

P117-445-255-306-0d042Pas male! After a quick lunch with Vicky, her brother and Ioanna, I went back for some more cleaning. Plus I found the mask/filter stuff in the shack. Went to Alex’s (and his wife Efi, a faithful Z.A. follower) for coffee, then a few pops and headed back to ol’ Zoots by 11pm. It was pretty darn cold, single C digits.

Monday, “Clean Monday“, fly a kite day!(?). Last night was the last Carnival night and as of clean Monday, the fasting till Easter begins. It’s a Greek Orthodox thing and an opportunity to detox 49 days off meat, in my case.

P104-445-255-306-0a050P119-386-256-384-09105That morning I tested the head shower drain. No water came out the hose to the bilge. Instead it was coming out “from under” the forward bilge over the keel, under the diesel tank and eventually to the “deep one”. The elbow has disconnected from the drain. Pissed off, I yanked the sucker out. No indoor showers this year suckers (not that I ever took one yet).  We’ll see… it’s way down the priority list. After that a traditional lunch at G.S.. Tarama, hummus, eggplant salad, kalamari, bbq octopus (not yet served), plenty of lagana bread, olives, radishes, tomatinies, spinach, red wine  etc… yum!


Afterwards, had a quick cup a jo at Alex’s and head back home, quite content. I also went in Wednesday morning and have begun the sanding in preparation of painting.  I’ll probably go with the International Danboline Bilge Paint (aka Interlux Bilgekote) but it’s pricy (17+euro a 750ml can)

Stay tuned. Another 3day weekend. Too many distractions from ol’ Zoot again, I’m sure…

Capt. Pete

ps… still contemplating on how to built in and reduce bilge bottom area. A shelf, a ramp, someones mother- in-law…

pss… came back, saw the Cyprus news. Things are getting too honky!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Bilge-orama #2

  1. Are you in the run for the “Boat Slave Award of the Year”?
    Good thing you’re an engineer, otherwise you’d still be scratching your head wondering where to start.
    How I envy your 3-day weekend, I hardly have 3 minutes to breathe, and my boat is being neglected…not that a naked boat needs much of anything anyway.
    But this is great, instead of doing boat maintenance I can read about you doing it.
    Good thing you didn’t deposit your fortune in a Cyprus bank!!


    • Nope, I deposited my fortune in a hole in the water (me like water). Sorry dude, we got two 3day weekends back to back… a long stretch from new years.
      And no slave awards this year as I am still scratching the last hairs off my balding, all bumped up, scalp!


  2. Ilias says:

    Wanna buy some mandies, bob?


  3. Ilias says:

    You can stab ‘n’ shoot ‘n’ spit but you wont be fixing it so you better lyin’ an lazy


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