Perkins-noir-orama #3

And the Perkins 4.108 saga continues… oh boy, what fun!

So… on Wednesday, March 13, 2013… Hey, whataminute…..

Happy Birthday Zoot Allures!!!! Yup, it’s been one year since I signed the papers (the papers) and forked over the cash, renamed (from Kosmas Etolos…wtf) and became the owner of a Fjord MS 33 in order to forfill my dreams of freedom and independence. Dream on mofo!

But… no time for celebrations. Work must be done. As I was saying, I went down to ol’ Zoot Wednesday morn with the plan to close up the old Perkins 4.108. Got all the gaskets, seals and doodads and with Kastas got down to work after a couple of sunny-side-up eggs (Thanks Paula!) . First thing was to roll her by the side of the house, chain crane her on a block of wood and get the oil pan off. Of course there was still some oil left in the pan and even though we tried, we made a mess. And this is why there aren’t too many pics cause our hands were even messier! So here goes…

P124-445-255-306-08066 P097-445-255-306-08060Eeeewwww! Ok, time to prep the surfaces

P112-445-255-306-08069P112-445-255-306-09059Now ain’t that a pretty sight. Not something you see every day. Now the hard part was to get the pan back on. The curved sides have a cork type seal which was a bitch to keep in place and we had to reinstall the pan 3 times till we got it right.


 After that, front plate installation.

P099-445-255-306-08070Nice fresh gaskets are COOL! Time to get the stuff back on. A four hand job getting on timing gears, raw water pump shaft, injector pump with lines, main front crankshaft plate, fresh water pump… I’m probably forgetting something here… at least Kastas’ brother-in-law took a few pics

P107-445-255-306-0e041P109-445-255-306-11039P104-445-255-306-09046Hey, it’s Zoot’s birthday. I can act as silly as I want unscrewing bolts with my teeth! Anyhow, Kastas continued with the flywheel while I took a few shots of our working environment.

P096-445-255-306-0b044With the flywheel on, we pretty much called it a day (and go to work!). ‘Got the Perkins on a trailer back in the yard, covered her up and cleaned up before Paula had a fit! All that’s left to do is a power wash, painting and reloading back in the belly of ol’ Zoot. This weekend I have to finish prepping the bilge and engine room for painting. This has been quite a learning experience. I wish I could have documented more but it was veeery hands on.

Speaking of hands…. I’m in desperate need of a manicure! Not to mention a massage and new knees!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… This is the piece I’ve been editing at work for days. A monstrosity like all of Rachmaninoff stuff. The things us boat slaves do…

pss… between Rach and ol’ Zoot… I got to get laid!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Perkins-noir-orama #3

  1. Ilias says:

    Don’t forget to add to your resume that you also do laundry, change tire,chop a little wood for de fire,do the dishes if she wishes, but most imp[ortantly, go down in the evening


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