Perkins-noir-orama #2

Ran kan kan….Azuuuukar!

Hey Y’all! I blasted to ol’ Zoot yesterday (Thursday…whoops, late for work again. When I got there the traffic was stopped, protest and banners all over the place… I thought the place closed down! But it was just some hoopla for an old prime minister and everyone (and I mean everyone!!!) from politics was there with their body guards and chauffeurs and their mothers too…yeeesh)

P099-445-255-306-08088P121-445-255-306-08088Not too much blah, blah but lots of pics to click on for enlargement. Left: surface prepping and oil seal placement. The one below was pounded down with an old cutlass bearing.

P118-445-255-306-08091P113-445-255-306-14037P115-445-255-306-0b044Time to take the front plate off. First study the timing gears and remove. Plate wont come off. Raw water pump shaft is held by a cir-clip… gotta remove fuel injector pump as well. A photo reportage. Also the water pump had to come off and after a few hours and a few raki pops, Perkin’s tummy is naked!


fuel injector pump

P112-445-255-306-0c048P102-445-255-306-0e041 P110-445-255-306-13038 A few photo notes for studs and


Then the crane came and le Perkins and TMP Type 12000 Transmission is off!

P106-445-255-306-08081 P098-445-255-306-08069 P114-445-255-306-08089 P099-445-255-306-08088 P119-445-255-306-08080 P108-445-255-306-08082 P113-445-255-306-08081 P114-445-255-306-08083 P110-445-255-306-08074


I’ve told you a million times… not when I’m busy!

et voila!


Gotta run.

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

ps… been trying my best but the boat’s a mess!P107-445-255-306-0e041

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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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3 Responses to Perkins-noir-orama #2

  1. I’m dizzy just from looking at all the strewn parts…and are you sure you can put it all back together? Maybe that’s why you took so many pictures. I hope to never see my engine’s inner organs, although I do have to change the gear box soon – but compared to your task, that seems like child’s play now. Good luck with the slaving.


    • Answer to first question is NO (as in Tardar grumpy cat). I got open projects and parts all over the place…even at home…aarrgg!
      question 2 is…TONS of pictures. I need a better camera especially for close ups..
      I don’t want to see your inner organs and it’s child’s play when you got Kastas. I couldn’t have done it without him. I couldn’t be in better hands. Actually slavery has become everything else from the boat.


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