A Funny Thing…

A funny thing happened today. I got a Happy Anniversary notice from wordpress. I started this blog a year ago. Hence this is my 55th post and I’ve had over 6000 views. ‘Not much to write home about but for someone who couldn’t write an essay if his life depended on it, I’d say that’s pretty funny. And a big thanks to all of you… my little snowflakes.

A funny thing happened yesterday. I’ve had Zoot Allures’, expired from 2001, flares and smoke can on my living room floor for almost a year (ridiculous!). I took them to the Fire Station for proper disposal. They said I should take them to the Police Station down the road. And they said WTF! I said you must be joking! They eventually kept them after asking a bunch of questions and filing my info. No wonder “Jo Shmo” just chucks them in the garbage (a bad, dangerous thing).

Is anyone laughing yet?? I’m not surprised…. but it is funny that you all wanna know what going on with the $^%%$-oramas, and I haven’t much for ya. Brou ha ha!

P120-445-255-306-10040Enough nonsense. The last week has been nuts. Lots of work and I also went to Nafplio with Mom to check out the house and farm and haul back a car load of oranges. I did go a weekday morning to ol’ Zoot and made a list of stuff for the Perkins. A big rolled sheet of flange paper, parts, screws and…booze.

P119-323-256-437-0d055I went in on Sunday. Pretty knackered, I opted not to over do things (healing knee) and I spent a couple of hours prepping and cleaning the engine and all the bolts

P111-445-255-306-0a050It was a much dirtier sight at the time but hands were uselessly black to handle a camera. Hopefully Kastas will be pleased. I’m going in tomorrow Wednesday so we can close up the back end, time permitting the front end and she’ll be ready to haul out of the boat for painting etc.

But what’s really funny

P104-445-255-306-0e054The bilge almost looks clean!!!!

Stay tuned…

Capt Pete

ps… While all this was going on, I got into “studying” Led Zeppelin after watching their 2007 O2 concert. Also the Letterman show and the award they got at Kennedy Center rubbing elbows with Obama + another 2 concerts (all on youtube. I’m an old fan but I had no idea what a phenomena they were.

The Best Band EVER!

Cant get that guitar riff out of my head!! Thank you Jimmy Page


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to A Funny Thing…

  1. haroulita says:

    νόστιμα τα πορτοκάλια?


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