Bilge-orama #1

Deja vu! Since I bought Zoot Allures I’ve had a fetish about the bilge. Mostly because it’s a deep inaccessible shit hole! Well now with the engine out I though life would be good. Wrong!

IMG_0924P077-424-256-322-3f024It’s gook city. Old oil, antifreeze and general debris. Ok, some antifreeze was spill during the Perkins removal but still, what a freaking mess. Last Wednesday morning before work I went in to “break the ice”. First line of buisnes is to hand pump the kaka, collect the various lost and forgotten”things”. I also blasted out to get 2 jumbo rolls of kitchen towels and domestic degreaser, and some beer. I had to get the first level half decent in order to proceed deeper with out all the crap getting all over me.

P108-445-255-306-29029P110-424-256-324-08071At some point it was safe to enter. I gathered lots of stuff. Some useful, like washers and one of the coupling bolts I had dropped, and the I used a spatula to shovel out the crud. Knowing I needed some hardcore degreaser, I played around on the front wall for a while since I was able to sit. I made a hole in the water… Ok this was


my first attemptP109-445-255-306-18035 and I now know what I’m in for. I wasn’t going full monte cause I did have to go to work in the evening. I cleaned up the “new toys” I found down there and did a bit of tidying up

P112-445-255-306-08078and I left it all looking a bit better

P100-445-255-306-18035Yes,  a hole in the water!

P102-382-255-409-0e041The day after, I blasted out from work and ordered Perkins parts. Since I was running around I also went to Piraeus port to a chemical company to get the nasty stuff… 2 liters of acetone and 4 liters of the hardcore degreaser. Also some WD40 (I’m always running out) and also some kerosene for more stove experiments.

P110-382-255-409-08064On Saturday I went down fully equipped. Well almost. I need a space suit! The fumes, the fumes… holy crap! I left half the floor in place so I could make quick exits to fresh air. Inside I would brush on some degreaser (while holding my breath), hang in the cockpit for a while to let it work, back down to give it a scrubbing and then rinse it down with fresh water and the pump it out in a bucket for disposal. And then I did it again! After 3 hours I was done. The bilge need a couple of more days!! This is god-awful!! Then I went back to the city to work!!

Sunday I wanted to do more, but alas… my meniscus knee problem saved me. I could barely walk. I went down and opened up to air ol’ Zoot. Then I just hug out eating and drinking. Hey, you gotta burn one every once in a while!!

Yesterday I got the Perkins parts. Hopefully going in Thursday morn.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… eeeeewwwwwww!

pss…. owwwww my knee! Old motorcycle accidents always come back

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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9 Responses to Bilge-orama #1

  1. it’s no wonder your knee hurts… mine does just reading the energy you had to put into zoot last week…. perastika!


  2. isaac381 says:

    Are you going to paint the bilge now? Bilgekote is good stuff. Looks good.


    • Hey, man. Yeah, I’ve read about Bilgekote in alot on other blogs and seems to be great stuff. I just don’t know if we’ve got it here and how much it costs. Plus I’m loosing faith in myself as to how well it’s gonna turn out. This must be the worst boat fixing gig ever!


  3. Don’t know exactly what you’re replacing in the engine, but I’m definitely tuned in for the next episode. Boat maintenance and detective stories have a lot in common…there’s always the next dramatic event. Nurse that knee, the boat can wait.


    • The knee’s better, thanks
      The engine would loose allotta oil in the abyss bilge. I don’t what to ruin the detective story saying “who dunnit” but the main crankshaft oil seals aren’t the only things with issues. Bell house had metric bolts instead of imperial (ew!), the exhaust elbow had a pencil zinc without the zinc and….. forgetaboutit!


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