Perkins-noir-orama #1

Please allow me to introduce myself

P117-428-256-332-1a034Check out my abs, baby

P102-346-256-406-3f024and my curvatures

P111-378-256-381-3f024Ok folks, so now you know it’s gonna be a grease monkey/jock/mechanics type of post. In other words… ladies, take a hike. May the real men step up (any advise is welcome).

Well, alright, ladies too

Drove out in the pouring rain this Tuesday morn. Had coffee with Kostas and Paula (Paula made me a grill cheese sandwich… thanks for taking care of me Paula… even though you’ve taken a hike). Then Kostas (who is now referred to as Kastas, cause that’s what I call him) and I attack! TMP Type 12000 Transmission BOOM! it’s off!

P085-352-256-415-3f024Lets undress this baby. Alternator holding bolt has been put in backwards (you can see the nut, not the bolt head. Looks like the coolant tank must be removed.

P100-391-256-353-3f024BOOM! She’s off

P098-333-256-419-3f024We got the crankshaft pulley off after quit a struggle and finally got to the major problem/ oil seal and naturally I forgot to photograph it. But Kastas recommended I shoot this for future reference (alternator wing bracket with a nut for a spacer)

P094-335-256-412-3f024and the raw water pump fastening

P053-359-256-403-3f024Broo ha ha. She’s coming to eat you!

P061-381-256-376-3f024Yes, but Is it art?

P115-375-256-384-3f024If I not mistaken, summer newspaper with the National Bank’s pres with his red docie containing info on how F^%$% we are today. Anyway, flipped her around to get to rear oil seal. Sure is a pretty fly wheel

P101-374-256-387-0c048BOOM! Flywheel off!


Looks like the face plate has to come off too

P089-340-256-415-3f024BOOM! My baby’s buttocks!

P103-329-256-426-3f024And the tranny waiting its turn in the cockpit… some other day


… then I went to work… whoops, late! Traffic’s a bitch… French prime minister is in town

Tomorrow, Wednesday,  general strikes every where. I’m hitting the bilge! Actually we saw it today. No pics though cause I was too busy yelling “echoooo, echooo” down there. Considering going engine-less and building a jacuzzi!

Stay tuned in (and drop out?)

Capt Pete

ps… OW… who kicked me in the butt?!?

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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5 Responses to Perkins-noir-orama #1

  1. Holy smokes Pete, don’t drink any more coffee or you’ll disassemble the whole boat by next week!!!


  2. Sue Hyett says:

    Wow Pete!! What was your trick for the BIG lift? Did you use an external crane? This lady doesn’t want to take a hike while there are builder’s butts on view.(I’m learning too much and worried that we might be next in line for similar treatment).
    All best from the wet and dreary UK.


    • Hey Sue! We used a chain hoist propped over the companionway to lift the engine far enough to slid the floors back under it, and plopped her down. The oil seal repairs will be done aboard and the big crane will come to haul her off for painting and regular service. Rather overwhelming, but fun. I’m in good hands (Kastas). The bilge is more frightening! I’m betting it’s all worth it, but the stress is in high gear. Plus it’s really messy!


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