Mon Petit Perkin-noire!

Well, it’s Sunday. And you may ask why I’m’ not Zoot Allures-ing myself. The weather stinks and I’m on my couch, in clean pajamas(!) after just taking a hot shower, because I had previously eaten 2 stinkin’ pork gyro souvlakis with tzatziki and onions, coming home after helping Alexandra help move her brother and mother. And what has this to do with pulling out the Perkins last night. Whow… rewind please!

Saturday. A beautiful sunny day after a crummy rainy week, not to mention the Megaro smegaro (=work, bytheway). Out to ol’ Zoot hopefully to grab Kostas and loosen some engine and shaft coupling bolts. P100-416-256-333-08085 He said he’ll be with me after he’s done with a neighboring old dude boat.  After getting the place ready, I decided to do some  Lofran Tigres windlass servicing… draining the oil for starters. I opted to do it off-ship. Lowered it to the ground (heavy bastard, must be over 20kgr) and propped it upside down and let her drain some really gooky valvoline oil (sae90+) in a pan.


P105-346-256-428-08083P102-358-256-408-08085Still beautifully sunny and Kostas still detained, I inspected the hull a bit and went over the mast contemplating when and how to service it. I noticed the mid-mast light looking funny. A closer look reveled it was full of water! Well what do you know about that!

Looks like there rapping her up across the boat yard. Funny thing… in five minutes I had a cockpit full of Kostas and 3 older boat farts (something I’m inspiring to be one day) and me hosting raki

Right! After about half an hour, Kostas and I got to it. He’s a wiz at figuring out how to get at and around the hard stuff with the proper tools which my tool box cant “cut-it” yet (I still need some more tools… as always). I’m his best assistant and after an hour or so the Perkins 4.108 is free! Then Kostas exclaims LUNCH!

Paula, not only can make some badass “jo”, but her stir-fried curry chicken w/ mushroom and balsamic rice is to die for. I brought the Kostarelos roze wine…I exclaimed YUM!

So Kostas says “lets go”, I’m like “?!?” and he’s like “lets pull her”! Who am I to argue. It’s gotten dark by now. Kostas riged up his chain crane whachamacallit over the companion way. She didn’t still quite fit so the heat exchanger is removed and placed in the “v-berth parts garage”.


Kostas on the cranking



That rope thing didn’t work bytheway and the Perkins slid back down at some point. Yup, we dropped her! nice and softly though… fun concept.



And then… she’s loose! and ma mojo isa rizing!


Kostas would crank while I pulled inward for the transmission to clear and fit her out. We raised her enough to slid the floor boards back in and …thar she blows… nicely propped in Zoot Allures dog house.


IMG_0923We were done a little after 10pm. Did I mention it had started to rain!!! As you can imagine, It aint very comfortable in there any more, plus you gotta climb all over that big chunk of iron. Actually she seems smaller than I had assumed. I found all of this most entertaining. I had a wonderful time. But now my body says “NO” and I drove back home to the city.

Next up. Kostas is gonna change the crankshaft oil seal (?) and then we’ll get the Perkins out off the boat, paint, service, clean and paint the bilge and generally tidy up the abyss and build a well for the bilge pumps and also fabricate some kinda shaft brake. I’m probably going in weekdays in the am and work in the pm. Arggg… time to rock and roll, baby!

Now do you understand why am back in my pj’s on a a rainy Sunday afternoon?!?!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… hey! I cant see the bilge! I can’t wait to dive in my engine-less space . I’ll probably be reluctant to put her back in!

pss.. that heavy bastard windlass is still in my car trunk parked over 100meters from home. If I manage to raise my aching bones…. it will be only for aspirin!!!!!! Then again, it would really suck if it gets stolen… it would suck up to $2000. Fuck! Now I have to get dressed!!!! And so is the life of a boat slave. Who would have known?

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Mon Petit Perkin-noire!

  1. isaac381 says:

    Things are well. I am having fun watching your progress on Zoot Allures! Seems like you are still finding enjoyment in your projects. My boat is coming along slowly. Just installed the new rudder, shaft, and boot. Replaced the bulkhead that the starboard chain plate anchors to. Replaced the rotted bench top in the vee birth. Still need to do a lot of work but the moorage bill keeps me motivated. It has been raining a lot here in the Pacific Northwest so I do what I can. When the weather gets a little better I can properly re-bed the safety stanchions around the deck. Blah blah.
    Just watched “Hippie Masala”, a good movie that I recommend watching. Nothing political or otherwise retarded. Just different.
    Alright then, Isaac


    • Just watched the trailer on utube… shall watch 2night!
      Dude, those are some projects you got there. We would always love to see it audio/visual-wize. Not that it’s easy taking pics with your head down a bunny hole,but it’s kinda fun going back and looking at it a year later, plus it’s fun to share! I get alot of motivation /inspiration/ideas from lots of others in the same “boat”. One more is always welcome


  2. Like I said before, it won’t be long before you open a “Zen and Boat Repair Shop”.
    I’m impressed…took me weeks to fix a thermostat seal leak…you pull out a windlass and an engine in a blink of any eye.
    You’re turning into a role model boat slave. Looking forward to the progress.


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