“It’s Alive!” … and more destructional recreation

its-aliveYes, ladies and gents, the Optimus 155 kerosene pressure stove is up and running (here in my concrete home). After all the research and digging around, the fruits of pig headedness have brought back this little gem.IMG_0900For anyone following or giving a shit, this old stove was taken apart and declared kaput a few months back and was probably going to get hacked up for parts or re-designed somehow. IMG_0897But after conceptualizing the mechanics, lots of TLC, elbow grease  and being in love with soul-less objects….”It’s Alive!” and I’ve been cooking with her successfully. New nipples, cleaning needles, graphite packing glands, various washers,rings and burning cups ( 67euros worth on the right side under the dremel tool).

IMG_0899 IMG_0898Reconstruction was methodical and fun (felt like a kid again) and I’m happy to announce no leaks nor smelly paraffin odors. Zoot Allures shall maintain the safest retro galley of the seas! Argg! (I did shoot some video….but…)

P115-382-255-409-08064Saturday, back on ze boate. The weather was b-e-a-utiful! My ladder was messing up the wall and floor so I put on little pads on it. Realizing that this hasn’t much to do with seaworthy improvements and Kostas being out of town to help with the engine bolts, I decided to be more destructive and lean towards my “list”. To the bow, to the bow! Time to take off the windlass. Now the easy way would to have someone in the chain locker and someone on deck to unbolt it. P108-382-255-409-08103As I was alone, to keep a long story short, I broke out a sweat (in February?) and lost track how many times I went back on forth (deck bow to stern to v-berth and back). With the bolts off, I uncovered the motor, taped and marked the cables and eventually got it off. Bytheway, it’s a Lofrans Tigres 1200W… heavy sucker!

P111-382-255-409-09106P112-422-256-339-08095P109-422-256-340-08096Next course of action is to clean the residue and drill larger holes in the deck and to drill out some core with a bent nail, vacuum suck and fill the holes with epoxy and eventually drill new holes. I didn’t get to the epoxy phase but I’m now ready to find some wooded base for the windlass and rap this saga up… hopefully soon. For now, I just taped it up and covered it. I was considering bringing the Lofrans home to service, but didn’t. Maybe next week. Later Kostas came and we went out to Lavrio to the Olympic Marina to a yacht he’s servicing. So many rich people boats just waiting out the winter for an other season of unloved abuse. A very uninspiring place.

P115-340-256-426-08097Sunday was a lazy day. After calling for parts and finding out there is only one available in Piraeus Port, I  super-glued the winch bearing rings and was considering re-installing the lewmar 40’s but I’m thinking to epoxy the holes and the base area. Or just use sealant… hmmmmm.  Maybe even prefabricate new rings…hmmm. So I sanded/prepped the area and taped it off.

IMG_0909IMG_0918Then… the customary G.S., Vicky (it was her birthday), and Ioanna lunch. Back on ol’ Zoot, the low lying sun was shinning though the saloon window. I fooled around with the windlass, tried to pump out some oil out but the pump tube bumps into a gear and wont go down….. pfffffff, f&$% it! There’s always next week!

Stay tuned,

Capt. Pete


How many times have you guys watch this movie. Personally, I’m up to approximately 1,248,427.5 times…. shall I recite it for you?


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to “It’s Alive!” … and more destructional recreation

  1. With your track record, I think you should open up a boat repair shop, and what’s wrong with your windlass anyway? Except for the bolt holes not being epoxied to prevent core rot. Drilling a hole in a cored hull, putting some silicone gook around it and hoping for the best is like teenagers doing it without protection and hoping for the best!!!
    Incredibly, a 25 kg Rocna anchor appeared in my garage without having ordered it, paying for it…nothing, the damn thing just materialized and looks like Franskenstein.


    • The only prob with the windlass is that it was installed by “teenagers” and god knows when the oil was put in it! I might as well go full Monty on it.
      Ronca…wow!! Now I’m real jealous. Next time you go to your garage, you should sing “oh sweet mystery of life at last i found you” or “glory glory hallelujah”


  2. isaac381 says:

    Why are there always pictures of old people in your blog, and how many hours a week do you work earning money.


    • (lol) Hey man, how have you been and howz you projects going?
      To answer the teenager’s question: I personally am 12 and G.S. retired last year, so he’s getting younger. I wouldn’t say I’m earning money cause I’m living the GR crisis. 40 hours plus occasional OT and Saturdays which accumulate for days off being saved for the summer. Getting tax-slammed right left and center really blows. Soon I’ll find out what owning a boat means


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