Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

Funk it!

Not bad for some English white boys, huh!

(all pictures are click-able to enlarge)

Perkins 4.108Well, it’s been a couple of weeks of … stuff. Work smirk (mastering a 100 guitar concert CD and P.A.-ing pharmaceutical awards and being patient)  and getting down to business with Zoot Allures. If I want to have a chance to live at peace with my Perkins 4.108, I gotta haul her  out. Oh yes…. and not go broke! That’s where the nitty gritty comes in. I have to do as much as possible on my own so to LEARN to do so, and make sure my f-ing up wont cost too much or kill some one. I declare myself a bit frightened.

P084-419-256-331-3f024The previous weekend I started. There are lots of saying about “beginnings” which don’t come to mind but I think they would all work. I began with the exhaust. It put up a fight but I got it off and got all the courage to proceed. Phase One begins. Clear the hoses, control cables and electrics. Dive in mo fo!


P043-279-256-467-3f024P108-424-256-314-22031Thems big hoses go from the heat exchanger to the back water siphon to the exhaust elbow. Done. Darker hose off the bilge pump. Done. Big red cables off the transmission and off fuel pump, off.


P110-399-256-340-08052Electrics… alternator,  tranny pressure, oil pressure, cold starter, and others which still aren’t clear to me… disconnected, marked and sketched. I should have shot some video for future reference, but I’m a dummie. I even yanked out the bogus shaft lock cause it’s not functional and shall find some other solution.  P112-419-256-331-0b049That was all the previous Saturday. A good day. Of course there was badass Paula “jo” and G.S. lunch etc, etc. Bytheway… the weather has been very cooperative! Things are looking good. I showed off my progress to Kostas. We went over the remaining prep work for me and the hauling procedure. ‘Gotta yank more hoses, fuel lines, and start loosening the engine mounts and shaft coupling. I just doused them with WD40 and left them for a week.

P105-272-256-450-18035P115-410-256-347-0e054During the week, after work I did a bunch of winch cleaning. Armed with diesel, tooth brushes, tooth pics, warm soapy water. These winches were a mess. It’s like a dinosaur crawled up in them and died! I spent 9 hours on them total and still have the other 2 bases/spindles  still mounted on the boat.  I also worked alot on the stove burners soaking them in sodium natrium acid(???) recommended from a friend at work…. I hate chemistry… it scares me, but the stove saga is looking good too!

P113-299-256-456-18035Last weekend I continued on the Perkins. My V-berth has become the “parts” place! Got the rest of the exhaust off and the raw water drained in the bilge (!! f-it! Easier just to hand pump it out, the bilge’s gonna get renovated anyway), and took off the some remaining wires from the starter motor. I also managed to loosen 2 engine bolts. The rest I need Kostas and his tools and experience. The shaft coupling bolt “epic fail”ed me! I did manage to remove the remaining winches for more de-goo-ing ( 4hours last night back at home). I’m tellin’ ya. A dinosaur crawled in there and died!!!!


Folks, all this “unscrewing” has involved alot of muscular twisting and blasphemy. I should do some audio recording for laughs… but that would be work!

Next up. Re-install squeaking clean winches and whine Kostas to help me with the rest of the Perkins prep. I should also have the Optimus stove happening. I’m very excited!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… My new book just came in. Roger Olson’s “Plot Your Course to Adventure” More on that next week too.

pss… damned dinosaurs! Now my house smells (diesel, paraffin, acid)! Large reptiles have taken there tole. On top of all this is house cleaning, laundry, balcony gardening, cooking, music listening, bureaucracy of getting my diplomas recognized in order to preserve my work status, plus work… it’s great not watching tv and LIVING!! I told a guy what I was doing and the state of my kitchen sink. He asked me if I had a wife. I told him”no” and he told me to proceed!

Hmmmm. Gotta get out more….


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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