It’s January… get over it!

Would you like a sip of Greek w(h)ine?

P119-308-256-444-08067It’s raining!! Well not right now. Just when I get to Zoot Allures to get some work done. Sunny in the morning. I drive out (45km) bright and early with the help of an alarm clock(!), open up ol’ Zoot, take the tarp down, open the hatch, sponge out some water, empty the crystal evaporators, change cloths and get situated. Then I hang with Paula and Kostas for a cup of badass coffee. Climb back up Z.A. and…. it rains! Not too much, just enough to get everything wet and the yard all muddy! Pffffff…. yup, it’s January. I just have to get over it and accept the winter boat thang here.

The last two weeks recaps somewhat like this…

A couple of weeks ago I had a “bug” and stayed home from work for 2 days (sweet!). Besides watching a 2 1/2 hour documentary on youtube about Brian Eno, one of my greatest influences, I also did a lot of boat work! IMG_0887 IMG_0890One part was another attempt to fix the sinking deflatable which has been sitting on my balcony. I inflated it nice and dry and put some bucketed rain water in (please conserve water!). Apparently it only has a small hole in the floor and I marked it. Since it was all wet now, I proceeded with the soapy water checks and found a leaking valve and my old patch was also leaking. My valves are old Bravo 2000 and my valve wrench won’t fit so I couldn’t take it apart thoroughly, but a q-tip and soapy water did the trick and I put a patch on the bottom to join the collage. I’ll fix the other leak when I manage to find the glue in a can and not the dreadfully expensive glue in a tube they “sell” in boat shops.  Plus it was pretty cold and I’m not sure if the adhesives like it, plus I was nursing a cold!

Optimus Princess Alcohol Stove

Optimus Princess Alcohol Stove

P121-261-256-455-1a034Another thing I did was a lot of research and experimenting with the stoves. The Optimus Princess alcohol works fine. The old kerosene Optimus 155 has issues to be tackled. I found the Base-Camp  site and they seem to be the answer to my prayers. One burner needs rebuilding, but the other seemed ok. I tried it out and it was so leaky, it was frightening, stinking and smoking. So I ordered parts for both of them, approx 70 euros. It better work! And I better get use to the smell of kerosene!

The previous weekend I went in for Saturday only (Sunday we had a family New Year “pita cutting”). I cant remember what I did, but it wasn’t much… cause it’s January!!

IMG_0892During the week I fixed my useless Clickles flip cam (bad battery contacts) and am in the process of finding ways to get some videos edited and up on youtube (codec hell). I made a short with the alcohol stove but the sound stops half way on youtube and it’s pissing me off. Can I blame January on that too?

This past weekend I was on a mission to have a productive couple of days on Zoot Allures. The weather was gorgeous! (in your face, January!) Aside of wasting time drinking coffee, eating, raki sipping… I even did some bilge diaper changing (which I would describe but it’s gotten old for all you faithful readers). P122-374-256-399-08102P109-368-256-401-08099I pulled the chainplates!!! Well, the u-bolts actually. Port side. The middle of the three was repaired by the previous owner. The front one was the “issue” one which was broken!! And by the rust on it, it has been broken for a while! WTF! The aft one seems OK. Hmmm, should I pull the starboard side ones too? A quick note… this suckers just don’t pop out. They require a lot of huffing and puffing and, by golly, lost of profanity and blasphemy! Plus I lost a nut behind the galley somewhere… typical.

P113-443-256-304-08081And Sunday, after warming up after a chilly awakening (another boat guy yanked my extension cord killing my air heater… brrr), I attacked the winches. Took ’em apart, bagged them in separate bags for “homework” and cleaned up the attached-to-the-boat-forever parts with a can of WD40, toothbrush and plenty of rags. I think they’re gonna be sweet!P108-363-256-405-08083

The aft one on the right, I can’t take the center axle out without totally removing it. But I did spent a lot of time cleaning it. There is a plastic spacer between the bearings which broke (yikes). I’ll try to fix/glue it. This all took part in the beautiful sun and after 4 winches it was time to pack it up. It was dark by then and when I was done I played with Kostas fireplace listening to Playing for Change.


Not a bad weekend. I feel content. I could have done more but I am a lazy somamabitch. I did do some other little stuff like taking the zinc off the prop, but nothing really worth mentioning… or I can’t remember… obviously!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… those 4 winches in my bag are f-ing heavy!

pss… G.S. and Vicky were missing. I can get a lot done if I don’t eat lunch… but for how long???

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to It’s January… get over it!

  1. Pete, I just remembered that you’re a mechanical engineer, and it shows.
    How about that, the “chainplate” was indeed broken. Close call, and those things look scary…OK, so you don’t have a mast that touches the clouds like mine.
    Yup, the life of a boat slave fits you like a glove. Wish I had more (even a bit of) time to slave on mine instead of slaving on this damn computer.


  2. I was showing Jakatar to friend the other day. Your mast touches freakin’ Pluto!!
    And I wouldn’t say the slavery fits like a glove… it’s more like heat-shrink or a condom when your trying to to swing a hammer in a closet that you’ve fitted into without the arm holding the needed tool/hammer…. and then realizing you can’t get out or reach the phone to call for help! (exaggeration but it still hurts!).
    Yeah, mechanical engineering flashback on the way shafts break at a 45 deg angle due to torsional stresses etc etc. If I could only remember what a derivative was!?!
    Now get off that translation a go loosen that rusted bolt with you teeth, upside down!


  3. auslagen says:

    Hello Petepat happy to read that you are well:-) …vienna was missing you! it seams that january is not the great greek sailing saison so, why not go fishing in Vienna?
    hope you enjoi! lots of love Hanna & Gustav


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