The Curse of Hijacking.

“Happy New Years first of all”

This is a quote imbedded in my brain from the age of 11 when I found my aunts leftover LP’s from a party. Jimmy Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies. A jem of modern music yet to be surpassed. The particular song blew Miles Davis’s mind back then. I’m not expecting all of you to watch it (even though you should one day)… the quotes right at the beginning…. I always wanted to use it.

Also my sister made funky little animation flick in a kiddy workshop wishing 2013 wishes


And you thought this blog was all about sailing… NOT. It’s been the holiday season. Losta eating, drinking, hardly working and even staying in pajamas all day reading other peoples blogs. And then some more. I did try to get some ol’ Zoot work done but then I would have to kill the hijackers. But that wouldn’t be nice, would it? Plus the weather didn’t help much.

But I tried! Last Saturday (before new years) I drove down to ma baby. It started drizzling and by the time I finished Paula’s “badasscoffe”, it was pouring and we even got hail!! The day went by eating, drinking…. all day. Then we went to Kostas boat on the harbor, Alex showed up, we ate some more, and drank (god forbid) and I think I head back home at 2am. The following days were nice and lazy and I stayed home mostly and played with my new Optimus Princes (see previous post). I did find some denatured 95% ethanol and did some cooking and experimentation. 3 liters ethanol=11euros (ouch) and approx. 200ml will last 1 hour. 1 liter of water get little bubbles and starts to vapor in 8 minutes. 20 minutes for a small batch of spaghetti or rice. My rough cost of operation is about 1 euro/hour. I could probably deal with that… better, safer and easier than installing a propane system. Optimus 155nippleSince doing alot of research on these old fashion spirit pressure stoves, I decided to give the old Optimus (primus) 155 another go. I’m pretty sure now she is not dead. One burner nipple is clogged (probably the cleaning needle broke in it) I can find parts on the net. Still a bit confused on the fuel. It runs on kerosine which in some counties is paraffin etc etc … the research continues. I love fixing things in my pajamas!

New Years came and went (I was a good boy). IMG_0868IMG_0870This weekend was gonna be a good Zoot Allures weekend with a list of small thangs to take care of. Saturday was a beautiful day. After coffee and opening and setting things up I started with under the cockpit stuff. Under there are 2 heavy plywood boards with vinyl stapled on. Most of the staples have lost grip so I pulled them out and started preping. IMG_0874It was so nice out I also took measurements of my propeller aperture for my prop modification (stay tuned). My bilge is a mess with rain water and oil leaks so I even did some pumping of the goop (10liters! I passed doing the diaper thing) By then it was 2 and off to G.S. for lunch. And when I got back, it happened again…. hijacked… Alex had come by and, well…. lets say I got back on ol’Zoot at 11pm and started getting ready for bed. It was 7degC. Kinda cold,eh. It was a beautiful, clear,  star filled night.Fired up the elec. air blower, warmed up the P.J.s and beddings and had a good snooze in my dinette double bed.

IMG_0882IMG_0879IMG_0881Sunday morn, woke up with a cold face, fired up the blower to get out of bed and met up with everyone to celebrate the Greek epiphany traditions. on the harbor. Of course the weather that morning was foul. Windy, raining and cold. The whole ceremony was held up for an hour. You didn’t expect to see a Greek Orthodox priest work in the rain, did you? No problemo waiting in Kostas boat sipping Metaxa brandy. Breakfast of champions! I wanted to shoot some video on my old 3gs i phone and it crashed right before the swimmers dove into the icy harbor to fetch the cross flung in by the priest. By the time the phone rebooted (3 times!), it was all over. Oh well, just a few snapshots. C’est la vie!

After that,  we packed it in and we all went to Kostas for lunch (bravo Paula…Kick ass wok’d chicken, salads, couscous, tabbouleh, wine….. yuuum…hijacked! I did set up a 2x3meter tarp to protect my cockpit a bit. The door is swelling a bit and is difficult to open. I’m wondering if it’ll be there next week. I’m landlubber-ing big time. ‘Had to think to make a bowline knot…tisk, tisk

Such is the life in the festive days on the hard. I hope you had a good one.

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

ps… the forecast for tomorrow is snow!! WooHoo!

I mean BrrRrr!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to The Curse of Hijacking.

  1. Steve Yoder says:

    I’ve met those hijackers. Different names but same motives: to keep me from getting any work done on the boat! And I refuse to negotiate with hijackers or pay their ransom. I just go along and do whatever they make me do. They always eventually let me go, sometimes before I’m ready.


  2. christina depian says:

    hello i am your aunt lilia .i am starting to realize what this is all about … kisses lilia


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