Winding Down

Well, Merry Christmas to y’all. I wish health, peace and happiness to all.

It’s been a busy coupla weeks,  it’s Thursday after x-mas and I woke up this morning with this on my balcony.


Ye Olde Deflatebale

Yup! It’s the old deflatable! But let me back up a bit.


missing Zoot

I’m missin’ Zoot Allures. My weekends got flooded. Saturday the 15th worked (12hr eyeball docs yapping). Sunday the 16th. The annual cousin gathering at G.S. and the first season all-day party! Always a good time. A few missing persons (my sis’s kid Luis) but one cuz, Tony came whom I hadn’t seen in years. He’s got some bigass motor-yacht and his water-maker is giving him problems. He’s probably getting a new one and ditching the old to me. Zoot Allures with a water maker would be outrageous!! Anyway, at some point we decided to take some pics. I posed with the hairy ones whist posing to a theme. Far left and right- nephew, niece. Center left right- Vicky and Sis. Baldy in the middle.

aphoto 2photo

Then G.S. had a seat.

photo 1


ooops! wrong finger

All last week, work. work, work till we got served our salary cuts on Friday (33%… we’ll talk about that the end of Jan.). But I did blast out to ol’Zoot to see how she weathered some storms and to haul home the deflatable to fix.

Saturday with five days off work, I drove to our Nafplio farm with Mom, Sis and Ioanna (see diopter) and 2 dogs. We had a fine time, G.S. + came for a day visit Sunday, I played alot with the fireplace and did some chores. Monday and X-mas day where beautiful, warm and sunny. We had x-mas stuffed chicken lunch outside. It was like this!



Hey! My food’s getting cold!

Guess what? SANTA CAME!

Optimus Princess 22 Alcohol Stove

Optimus Princess 22 Alcohol Stove

Ioanna’s dad used to have a Grand Banks and she has stuff in her cellar. The diopter, lots of old maps and the Optimus Princess 22 pressure alcohol stove. It’s in mint condition in it’s original box and barely used. All I can say is I’m really exited and cant wait to try her out and install in Zoot Allures using the old Primus gimbals and pot holders. WooHoooo!


I guess that wraps up X-mas. Nice to have 5 days off. Got another 5 coming up. Saturday I’ll go to ol’ Zoot and see what’s going on. I’ll probably get hijacked by Kostas and Paula. Fine with me. Also got a couple of parties lined up… 2012 going down. Quite a year, but I wont get into that quite yet.

Stay tuned and have a Happy New Year

Capt. Pete

ps … listened to Jon Hassell  alot the past weeks. Good after long work hours

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Winding Down

  1. Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year,
    Whoa, the stove looks awesome, Congrats.
    It’s always nice to read your blogs, I sold my sailboat (Hunter34) couple of years ago and while I’m boatless It is nice to hear what the lucky guys are doi’n. LOL


    • Thanks Luis and merry merries to you too. Awesome it is. I fired her up last night and it works. Still needs some experimenting. You sold your boat? Arg! May 2013 be a new boat year for you so you can join us lucky boat slaves! If I was boatless, I’d be building a nesting sailing plywood dinghy in my living room. Any boat will do!


  2. Cheech says:

    Cheech. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. By the pictures, it looks like you had a good time. Us? We got 45 cm of snow today. Worst storm since 1971. And the worst part is that everything stays the same. Everyone goes to wok like nothing happened. Save me. Be well and take care.


    • Hey Cheech!! September will be here in no time. I miss the snow… not the cold! 45cm sounds like fun. I saw the storm on the news and was having flashbacks this morning of Montreal with -20C and frozen humidity indoors on windows! Good times. Miss y’all.


  3. Life looks grand…fun family, a new stove, an orange grove hacienda, people who read your blog…the new year looks promising.
    You miss the snow??? I’d like it too if it were warm like candy floss. Man, many years ago I almost froze to death in -40º (one of the coldest days ever in Toronto) waiting for a streetcar poorly dressed and a bit drunk after a new year’s party. I tell you, that streetcar really was called “Desire”, I really really desired it.
    Happy New Year


  4. Hey mon! I remember almost getting buried in the snow waiting for the bus in Boston way back then. Now I’m a total cold wuss… last night slept in socks.
    Life is grand. And Yes it’s been quite a year. Zoot Allures says it all in more ways than one. (I’ve had second thoughts on the name but it still seems the most appropriate as time goes by)
    This coming year is looking, if not promising, definitely veeeery interesting.
    Here we go…….


  5. christina depian says:

    nice entry bros~ all the best for zoot 2013 allures and ahoys! kalotaxido! maybe all the way to vivari!!! eviva vivari, loipon~!


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