Buckwheet and Paleomagnitism and important sh$t.

Arrg! Last week I didn’t see the light of day for 4 days due to a EchoMedia conference at work (artery and heart valves on video!?!). In at 7:30, out at 19:00, sweating over a Cadac console  and changing radio mic batteries. I got ” buckwheat”! The Urban dictionary defines buckwheat as “Shooting someone up their asshole to prolong their suffering. From the movie Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead“. Here’s an audio sample .

But that’s not important right now!

And if your wondering why there hasn’t been any fantastic videos of Zoot Allures by Thanos lately, well he’s in the South Pacific on a ship taking core samples and doin’ their media stuff


But that’s not important right now!

Back in my dwellings, feeling blue (too many old-timers passing away) I get online, veg, e-mail, surf and watch the Daily Show who had Neil Young on who is back on tour with Crazy Horse. Crank in up!


But that’s not important right now!

And just when you thought there ain’t anything important happening….

Saturday morn, drove out to my whale. Having been spent from 2 straight weeks of work and the aforementioned buckwheat, I proceeded having a “breakfast of champions” with Paula and her sister (ifyaknowhatimean)  from 10 till 2 (… ooops!). Feeling guilty, I decided to do something “important” like getting to the bottom of the shifted chainplate and took apart the closet. It wasn’t all that difficult as I thought and the results were fine.

IMG_0790   IMG_0791     IMG_0796    IMG_0797

et voila


It’s beautiful! ( The big black hose is from the diesel deck filling) No leaks, no mold, no broken fiberglass, you can see the right square washer has shifted (white scratch mark). All I gotta do is tighten it. Actually I’ll fully remove it to inspect the deck core and re-bed the whole thing.

But not now. I has begun to rain. And it pretty much continued to do so through Sunday night.

IMG_0814Saturday night I drove back to town to celebrate my good buddy Stelios 50th b-day, whom I haven’t seen for ages. Stelios is a cameraman, D.P. and director with over 15 years of experience in nature programmes and underwater filming, working with Anemon Productions. He’s also the guy who  convinced me to move back to Greece from the US and got me hooked on sail boats 15 years ago. I also saw some other old friend responsible for my super tanker gig years ago. Fun night. It even had an “opa” twist!

IMG_0807 IMG_0804 IMG_0813

IMG_0828His daughter is soooo cute, but won’t marry me. Pffff…. women!

IMG_0793IMG_0829Sunday. Rainy and dreary and cold. Lack of motivation. Decided to put the reclining ceiling back over the bookshelf. Took me 2 hours of huffing and grunting… I’m still physiologically trying to figure out why an easy task is so difficult in a boat world. Boats a mess, v-berth is storage (unlivable) and I started taking apart the galley to inspect the other chainplates and prepare for mini renovations. “Then I hug out in front of the drug store” …. I mean… went to the port and hung out in Kostas boat with a bottle of Chivas Regal. But that’s not important right now…. is it?

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

PS… working next Saturday, Sunday a G.S. annual cousin gathering… don’t hold you breath for anything important. Then it’s Christmas. So much to do in so little time (yawn).

pss… pretty crummy pictures, huh. Oh Saaaanta!

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6 Responses to Buckwheet and Paleomagnitism and important sh$t.

  1. horaciomateus says:

    Buckwheat! I always suspected that Denver never recovered from Jack Kerouac’s visit where he wandered around like a hobo.
    But that doesn’t matter!!! (heard that someplace) How can the chainplate be OK (just needs a little tightening) when its dancing around like a pirate’s wooden leg in a cross swell? Hasn’t the fiberglass hole become fatigued with the stress? Kind of confusing because, if it the bolt is dancing in the hole, water should be dripping in. If, if, if…the life of a boat slave.


    • Funny thing is that my brother is going to Denver for Xmas…. I told him he’s been warned!
      The deck hole…I dunno. Haven’t seen it yet due to lousy weather. As for dripping, I sealed the deck plate with blue -tak as a temp repair so it wouldn’t drip. Blue-Tak is a beautiful and wonderful thing and is a must in a slaves arsenal of wingnut repair kits. Play-do was recomended in one of the Pardeys books!


  2. horaciomateus says:

    Great tip (blu tack). Already Googled it. Maybe your brother should use some before getting off the plane in Denver. Just Skyped my brother in Florida. He says it’s going to be 80º F today…poor guy, it’s an amazing 14º C in my backyard.


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