“Second Verse…

….. same as the first. A little bit louder and a little bit worse.”

Actually, it’s not worse. Having “been there”, I find it more relaxing. Go figure.

beep, beep, beep…News Flash…

Zoot Allures has a new captain as I have resided to the position of the first mate slave.

Blistering Barnacles! Yes, it’s Captain Haddock and he’s here to oversee this winters’ refit. (actually, it’s a key chain my sis (http://www.kinoumeno.gr/) brought me all the way from Brussels). As long as we don’t run out of whiskey, I’m good with that.

So. I got to the yard bright and early Saturday morn. This weekend was for getting stuff off the boat and stored at G’S.’s shack (fenders, stern anchor etc) and to tidy up. After “shacking” and lunch, I doodled around and that evening went out to a local club where the Aegean Sailing Club was having a party and giving out race trophies (ho humm). I’m not much for clubs but it wasn’t all that bad. ‘Had a few pops, saw the usual suspects and the band was tight swinging and boogie woogie-ing.

Sunday. Saint Katherine day. Kosta and Paula’s daughter and mothers are called Katherine. This pretty much means that not much work was going to be done so I got right to it. After properly folding the sails for their hibernation back home, along with a bunch of other stuff, a car load (sails, speakers, binoculars, cloths, books),  I decided to tackle the chainplate mystery. The problematic one entails taking apart the entire galley, so I opted to check out the starboard side. All I had to do was remove an inclined ceiling over the book shelf by the dinette. How difficult could it be to unscrew 15-20 retaining screws?

Why do slaves ask dumb questions?!? These screws have little plastic caps which plug into the screw head. Naturally the plugs break leaving a piece of plastic interfering the screw slot, which has to be razor-ed away and, of course, the last one broke. This all lasted a couple of hours and some twisted muscles, but … voila la chainplates!

Even the midships cleat is nicely installed

Even though I’d prefer to have nice long and vertical chainplates, these seem to be doing an adequate job for the past 40 years and I am soooo pleased to see NO trace of corrosion! Life is good… stay tuned for the port side where optimism is shallow. Bytheway… those little plug screws are all over the Fjord MS 33 walls and ceilings. I tried counting but lost track after a couple of hundred! Plus replacement plugs are nowhere to be found in the markets. Hmmm….

After the celebratory lunch/feast, I head back to the city with a carload and admired my livingrooms’ old editing workstation remodeling. Next week I’ll bring the cushions and it’ll be nice and cozy! Nothing like a dinghy and sails and boat stuff to brighten up a cold city pad!

And I almost forgot. Last week I took apart my Optimus  155 kerosene stove. I really want it to work but it’s looking grim (parts-wise and $$). I much prefer kero over pressure gas for reasons for another blog post.

Stay tuned

First Mate Pete signing off for now

….dreading this weeks full work schedule which shall run through Saturday doing sound for a book release, a “90 years Insulin” conference, and some other boring/mindless/”nothing to do with boats” stuff.

ps… In the 60’s, I used to drool over my mothers’ sisters Tin Tin hardcover books. They were in French and just looking at the pictures was fine for me. I slightly remember wanting to be whiskey soaked Capt Haddock. I got the whiskey thing down, got the boat, all I need is a feather for my hat!

good grief… Spielberg made a movie… nothing is sacred anymore

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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12 Responses to “Second Verse…

  1. Hey Pete,
    Unusual chainplates which, in reality, are U bolts. I don’t think they came as original boat gear. They look like fairly new replacements.
    They look strong enough, but what I really want to know is, “where are the heads of the bottom bolts (the ones that look like they are coming through the side hull)? Did you ask Sue what she has (I mean, in terms of chainplates?.
    You also want to keep an eye out for fatigue, those U bolts should be athwartship.
    Continuing with my extremely expert nautical engineering expertise (cough, cough), if you want a safe, cheap, hassle free stove get a non-pressurized Origo alcohol stove like mine…works like a charm and you can always drink leftovers in a pinch.
    But it wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion.


  2. I agree they look new, but there is no sign of any renovation. Even those ceiling screws (for access) looked untouched. No idea where the bolt heads are… must be encapsulated. Hopefully Sue will have some input. And I was hoping you’d say “wow, those are the best chainplates in the world”! D’oh!

    You like your Origo? Cool! Which one do you have? Does it smell? Is it too slow? What kind of alcohol do you use? I was thinking maybe getting just the canisters and cannibalizing my Optimus which is gimbaled with pot holders. We shall see. I need some time to stick it in my napsack and motorcycle around the markets and see what comes up.


  3. Hey, those chain plates aren’t going anywhere. And you’re right, they couldn’t change the chainplates without removing the ceiling screws unless they were very very careful. What concerns me is the U bolts. What’s their gauge? As Sue if she has U bolts for chainplates. If not, they were changed.
    I’ve got the Origo 3000 model, 2 burners and about the same size as yours. I used to burn marine alcohol now I just buy the stuff for fondus and rubbing alcohol. There’s a slight odor and the pots get a little black on the bottom but it produces good heat for cooking. I’m happy with it, there’s nothing to break down, is extremely safe and cheap to run.


    • I’ll have to get back to you with the gauge. From what I’ve seen, all the MS33 have the same deck fixtures.
      Gotta get me an Origo!


      • Well, if they have the same deck fixtures, then yours are good too…except the one that shifted. I was looking at some pictures of Fjords and they also have funny backstay fasteners…can’t really call it a chainplate. Maybe it was a Norwegian fad back then.
        If you get an Origo make sure it fits the space.


      • Hey! ‘had a flash in my sleep last night. The chainplate bolt heads must be covered by the hull’s rubrail!
        The Origo 3000 would fit just fine In my 50cm space. Unfortunately they go for close to 400euro! Mother£&&?@s. I got an eye out on eBay. When you get a chance, could you measure the diameter and height of the canisters? No rush


  4. Hello

    I too growing up in Portugal, loved TinTin, I only read a few of his adventures because the books were too expensive, I borrowed the “Sceptre of Ottokar” ? and read it over and over. Now at the age of 47 and living in Canada, I can pronounce that I am a proud owner of the whole collection.Ahha !!!
    I don’t know too much about chainplates, but for the stove parts there is always the internet, hope this link helps





  5. OK, I’ll measure the alcohol canisters. Yeah, maybe you could plop a couple into your stove somehow. What else are you going to do all winter, except slave over your high maintenance mistress? Hey, when is your next post being released? And where is Sue when you need her to set things straight on chainplates? Life is nothing but questions.


    • ‘Been getting screwed at work, long hours, boring Insulin conferences, book releases, no days off. And probably getting totally screwed $$-wise. We might even close down the place and strike next week… it’s all falling apart. Saw your blog post, I can relate… we’ll compare notes. I usually post once a week but I’m only going Z.A. for a few hours 2morrow and then back to work and wont have much boat stuff to say. Maybe I’ll just rant on the s^%$t sandwich which was served to us this week by the management and the government.
      Sue has either fled in fear of us southerners or is having a rough time weather wise. England has been getting slammed!


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