Storms, food and New Toy

Hi folks

I gotta be brief (yeah, right) but I wanna get my weekly post in. I’m a bit swamped for work setting up performance halls and press conferences for these guys.

Jan Fabre. Some kind of 8 hour show (yes, eight hours!). Personally, I’ll pass. I prefer going “Zoot Allures”


A storm was a brewing. Wednesday I move ol’ Zoot back to her mooring in Kalo Gialo. It gets way to wavy to be docked at port. After I tied ‘er up, I had a beautiful swim. It was a” calm before the storm” day. My scheduled is all messed up but the night before Vicky had me over for a souvlaki BBQ. Yum! Also had some great “tarama” (fish egg spread) and was amazed it was Hellmans. Go figure. I was in Athens when the storm did hit. Lots of rain and the winds really blew I heard. Poor Zoot… all alone.

Back on Friday, happy to see all was well. Only the v-berth bilge had half a bucket of water… gotta figure this one out and stop it. Probably (hopefully) it’s from the anchor chain hawsepipe.
That evening I got kidnapped and hung out with Alex, Kosta and Paula at Alex’s place, by the fire. (getting rather chilly here)

Weekend. Alexandra came for the week end. She finnished the curtains… woohoo! The weather was Bostonian (“if you don’t like it, wait… it’ll change”). I did manage to get a swim out of it before it rained. That evening we went to G.S. and Vickys and had “beet burgers” and enjoyed some more fireplace warmth. Here a few pics of the sky that Saturday after noon

Nothing like a room with a view!!!

Sunday… Olive picking day at the G.S. estate. I helped by drinking ouzo, eating and playing with the fireplace (gotta get one for ol’Zoot!) Ioanna (on the port bench in the last blog) brought me a present which I was saving for my “Santa” list. A diopter (?) It’s used to get bearings from landmarks while at sea. A very funky one at that. The compass is stuck but I’ll be damned if I don’t fix it. It’s a jem!

Rafti Island

Stuck compass

Zoot Allures deserves only the “funkiest” gear!!!!

Anyway, gotta run.

As always…stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… Perkules sent me a photo and am considering making a flag out of this. Any comments?

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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5 Responses to Storms, food and New Toy

  1. vicky says:

    Ολα τέλεια! Εκτος απο το φρικώδες βίντεο.


  2. Hey dude, are you like related to Frank Zappa…I’m chuckling because for a split second I thought it was you in the past just horsing around. But no, that’s Franky the genius.


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