Boat Life on Easy Lane

That’s right. Zoot Allures has been parked in the harbor for a week now recovering from last Sunday. Time for a bath!

So… Last Tuesday I blasted out to Porto Rafti trying to catch some daylight with a list of “to do”s. And here is what I find.

Alex all puzzled that swans eat tomatoes as well! So he’s like”whatarya doin’?”, and I’m like “I got a million things to do but will have a 20min coffee break to start with”. And he’s like “I’ll make you one”. So he proceeds making me a huge mug of arabic/turkish/greek coffee with a shot of raki to “warm up”. Kostas also came by with a friend and we had some more raki and then we went to Kostas house with some funky cheese and had more raki….. errr, I didn’t get anything done that evening!

Wednesday afternoon (hey, it gets dark too soon!) … gave ol’ Zoot an external wash down and then just hung out. Thursday I had an evening gig at work so I had the morning to clean up down below and fill a water tanks (not too much water due to pending haul out). Unfortunately I found a problem. My forward port side chainplate has shifted and is a bit loose!!!!!!  I always wanted to make sure they where in good condition (since my first survey) but they are hidden. This means I have to take apart the galley and closet. Winter renovations are gonna be “interesting”. Oh, the horror.

Back late Friday night. The Metro subway was on strike so I got a ride in late with G.S., grabbed some souvlakis, hung out and turned in early. Saturday was a lazy day. Wanted to wash down the sails but it was a bit breezy and left it for Sunday. Spent most of the day just pottering around and I also think I’ve managed the art of splicing a loop… I think!? Lunch/feast was at G.S. and in the evening Kostas and I put a healthy dent in the bottle of Haig Ada had brought me.

Sunday… laundry day! Up bright and early, hardly any wind, a nice and quite and beautiful Sunday morning. The weather is still marvelous and I had no problem getting soaked barefoot washing down the sails, genoa first and the the main. I also got to take notice of a few repairs to make and checked the furling systems. When I was just about done I noticed 3 figures on the bench looking at me.

It’s G.S., Vicky and Ioanna M. They were having a grand time and refused to tell me how long they had been there. So after furling the sails back up, we had lunch/leftovers from the previous feast and also BBQed some sausages.

Back on ol’Zoot. It was getting dark, day sailors had returned and so did the white swan, and boy does she like “tsoureki” (brioche?) bread! After the better part of the tsoureki was gone, the ducks come quacking in making a fuss paddling all around the boats while I thought back to a dinner I had at La Boniche ( one of those suckers which had marinated in strawberries for days. Quack!

The evening commenced by installing an led tape in the salon (at last) listening to Moondog Jr. and polishing off the rest of the Haig with Kostas. It’s starting to get clean and cozy in Zoot Allures. I’m not looking forward to pull her apart this winter. I loath dust!  Life is easier in the harbor but Thursday predicts some pretty mean winds, rain and cold so I gotta head back around to my Kalo Gialo anchorage. Probably Wednesday morning.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Drum roll, please……

I present to you s/v Aphrodite!!! Ain’t she a beaut!

Check out them curves and fishnet stocking!!

And many thanks to Sue for sharing pictures of Aphrodite with me/us and for all the great info (I dare say) that she is/shall provide! Saludar!

Poor ol’ Zoot Allures is getting a face lift!

Stay tuned…

Capt. Pete

ps… I could turn this blog into a sailboat dating site and get rich! Broohaha! Eg. The old Tahiti Ketch “Hispaniola” is in dire need of TLC and is for sale.


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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14 Responses to Boat Life on Easy Lane

  1. Sue Hyett says:

    Pleased you like the fishnet stockings!! If the old gal knew you were going to introduce her to your wider (and discerning) public she might have straightened her seams a bit.
    Best of luck with the chain plate excavation Pete I think you’ll find it’s not a chain but a flat ss bar bolted to a fibre-glassed rib. Vaguely remember seeing one behind the fridge!! Has someone been a bit of brute with the rigging spanner?


  2. Aphrodite…fishnet stockings, those English-owned boats can drive a man to the brink…or drink.
    Pete, like Sue said, there’s a bar under that plate and those things aren’t suppose to move one millimeter…unless some previous owner had a bright idea and changed it. You never know about those Norwegians.


  3. Brink or drink… whatever comes first… or both to eliminate confusion.
    As for chainplates, they are no way visible from the inside. One that should be visible on the dinette bookshelf wall even seems impossible to exist! I’d really like them on the outside to get a good old fashion pirate look. We’ll see what happens soon.


  4. Hey Pete, after looking closer at that picture of the chainplate, I suspect that they don’t exist anymore. It looks like you have a padeye bolted through the deck that probably has a backing plate hidden by the interior lining. Please have a seat…because that’s bad news! Better confirm my suspicion where it’s easiest to remove the lining or whatever is covering that spot on the inside. If I’m right (usually I’m not), forget about sailing. Take an aspirin and call me in the morning.


    • That’s precisely what I was worried about. But is it possible? Everyone says it’s impossible. Otherwise the rig would tear off the deck from the hull!?! I guess I’ll find out sooner than later. The interior liner is a pain and I’ll wait for haul out to destroy the “living” accommodations. I’ll take a picture to show how they seem non-existent.
      Aspirin ain’t gonna cut it!!


      • It’s possible because your sail area isn’t all that large. Look at Jakatar, just my new genoa is 44 m2 + a staysail and a mainsail on a 51 foot mast. Padeyes would last about 5 minutes).
        It may not be that difficult to solve the problem without restoring the original chain plates. Is you forward stay and backstay the same or are they conneced to a thick bar going through the deck?


      • Forstay on a thru hull gudgeon. Backstay not clear. Hopefully it will all be clear on the hard after I take her partially apart.


  5. Sue Hyett says:

    . “Don’t Panic…Don’t Panic” just do what Horaciomateus tells you.


    • That’s easy for you to say! Have you taken down any lining with those little screw taps which break off and can’t be found anywhere (I tried). Have you actually seen a chainplates on Aphrodite? (impossible near the fridge) I’m getting a feeling ol’ Zoot’s gonna look like a pirate vessel with external plates…Arrrg. (the “arrg is for the $$ issue).
      It’s going to be a long winter!


  6. Hey, one of your blogs got on the Sailingblogs article page and I gave it the thumbs up.


  7. Sue Hyett says:

    Hello Captain Peter,
    You’re absolutely right! the chainplate is not behind the fridge…but….it’s easy to get the fridge out (unscrew worktop and everything follows) and you can get a look behind the cooker boxing to the underside of the deck. …stiff neck to follow…but no fiddly lining screws to mess with..
    It looks as if the cover plate has shifted and the bedding compound has washed out so you might have a leak there and that would show up inside. Are there any cracks in the grp radiating from the rigging eye? can’t see any in your pic. and that would be a positive indicator of a real problem. Could you tension up the shrouds evenly when the mast was stepped or did you notice a difference on the port side? etc etc. I’m certain your mech eng training won’t let you down……it would be a shame to go “pirate” and spoil Zoot’s sleek nordic lines Ho Ho.
    Expect that, by the time my “tuppence worth” reaches you you will have got to the bottom of this Horror story. If so, ignore all the preceding stuff. Best of luck all the same.


  8. Hi Sue! All the above taken into consideration. It;s all pretty much on hold and shall be dealt with on the hard this winter. No real sailing plans so why destroy my second home at sea!
    Gotta go…. swamped with “land” work


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