Socks…. and the blues

I was told once (or read it somewhere) that if you haven’t something good/nice to say, it’s better not to say anything…! But then you all would think that I have……… (fill in the blanks.)

I don’t want it to be cold and rainy and to have to wear socks. I hate washing them, hanging them, sorting them and folding them. Then again, when my tootsies are cold, socks are a blessing. I looking for a moral to this story, just don’t hold yer breath!

Well, usually my mornings on ol’ Zoot, before going to work look like this…

Yesterday, Sunday, it looked like this…

Plus it was too windy for a pleasant sail, cold and… well it took out any inspiration for anything. So I went home to the city. What a “pussy” indeed!

I guess the past week wasn’t all that bad. I was in on Wednesday (did the usual G.S. dinner and Kosta hangout), Friday I took Ms G.S., Vicky, for a souvlaki dinner, Saturday did the dinghy bottom and inwater mooring inspection, actually a nice day. A friend was supposed to come, no call no show (Isavella, yer in BIG trouble!), so I went out to lunch, came back and took a nap and had dinner at the usual. Just yesterday did something to me. I guess summer is really over, sniff sniff. Sock times again.

All is not all blue, then again, it would be hard to convince you the other. Got some blue sailing boots so I don’t have to get my feet wet getting to the dinghy mooring and … get my feet wet if I don’t want to (hmmm, I got issues), and also 22meters of blue 14mm genoa sheets (ropes… they were out of green). If your following, you’d know one snapped last week whilst sailing with Mom. A perfect “Zoot Allures” occurrence! A wiki quote: “Zoot Allures is a 1976 rock album by Frank Zappa. …….. The title is a pun on the French expression “Zut alors!” which, though it has no direct translation, conveys mild surprise and may be approximated by “Damn it!””  I think my exclamation was mildly more colorful!

On the brighter side… Zoot Allures has a sister called Aphrodite!!! She is in Northumberland (England?) and Sue, her “mistress” has come aboard this blog and is (hopefully) going to fill in all my “blanks”! Poor Sue!

Stay tuned… for what ever reason you find necessary

Capt Pete

ps… I feel a) sooooo guilty abandoning ol’ Zoot on a crummy day, and b) so “blah” being at work. Must be some male hormonal thingie

pss… music helps. I’m a sucker for great audible nuances and timbres

a) turn it up loud!

b) no, I don’t want to be a woman!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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14 Responses to Socks…. and the blues

  1. christina depian says:

    I should have come, as planned…!!!


  2. christina depian says:

    by the way, I wasn’t wearing socks today, and my feet are freezing!


  3. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr Me too. Driving a motorcycle in the rain, sock-less in crocs! My tinkle-toes are nicely “dressed” now.


  4. vicky says:

    Αυτο το δαχτυλάκι στην φωτογραφία με τα μπλε σχοινιά και τις μπλε γαλότσες και την μπλε θάλασσα πολύ πετυχημένο!


  5. Jarle says:

    What you need is a old swedish song about loving the waves, the winds and a maid:

    A bit short, this version. Check out the full lyrics with google translate or something like that:


  6. Hey, that’s a great morning view…and it looks no worse during an economic crisis.


  7. Like the tavern on Marathon beach, it’s one of the many sweet things we got here that “they” can’t have. Broo haha!


  8. Sue Hyett says:

    GOSH! mentioned in dispatches;I fear it’s going to be hard to live up to expectations here.
    We’ve exchanged a couple of emails on techie stuff but you never know what will need attention next on an old boat. (Even when she’s a goddess or associated with Rock stars).
    Here’s hoping you’ve got warm tootsies today Captain Pete. There’s snow in the uk forecast for high ground and the geese are flying south….two pairs of socks weather in this neck of the woods.


    • Snow? Brrrrrrrrr
      Hey, here’s a question for ya. Do you have heating in Aphrodite? or… where do you store all those socks?


      • Sue Hyett says:

        We’ve got a catalytic heater mounted on the port side cockpit bulkhead between the door and pilot berth. The gas pipework is then an easy run back to the lazarette where 2 gas bottles are stored in a lock-down steel box. Cooking is also gas. Next time I’m on board I’ll try a short video (no promises). Couldn’t match your standard of filming so already feeling apprehensive.
        I’ve had a look at your early posts and it seems you’ve compressed into 3 months what I’ve been taking years over! I’ve been puzzling about the mast foot and just how much debris must have accumulated….now I know how to tackle it! On an entirely different matter….have you cleaned up the winches? I had mine to pieces and started soaking them in diesel only to find the rubber? spacing/separating rings started to go tacky and some fast footwork with washing up liquid was needed to stop the rot. I contacted Lewmar about this and they don’t sell parts for the old winches and was advised that ordinary upvc pipes could be cut into rings and would do just as well!
        Well, to cut long story short I bought two new self-tailers same rating Lewmar 40s.
        We’re in for a blast this weekend……. Nor’easter Cap’n and “rough to very rough sea state”! Will have to delay (yet again) getting the sails off;need a dry calm day for that.
        That’s it!
        Al best


  9. Hey Sue. Don’t worry about the video, picture would be fine. I’m also a terrible video shooter… all the credit (for the good ones) go to a friend of mine, Thanos.
    I took my winches apart in late August but decided to leave the real cleaning once I’m on the hard (way to messy afloat). I’d really like to see your heater installation and propane locker!


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