The weather has been beauuuutiful!! No way it’s October. Temps around 30C, light northerly winds, the sun doesn’t hurt… awesome!

The previous week I was lacking Zoot Allures (social animal) so this week I moved aboard on Wednesday (with commuting to work). When I got there, I found Kostas with my Kalo Gialo mooring neighbors feasting on Alex’s JibSea. I joined them for a couple of “pops” and then we climbed in Kostas hard dinghy and cruised the bay. No wind, no humidity, it was so beautiful it was insane! We eventually visited a couple of other boats in the harbor, one being a Tahiti Ketch I was really in love with last year. The poor thing is quite neglected, a sad sight, but what a great little ship.By the time we got back it was dark and I rushed over to cuz G.S. for dinner. And it was his birthday and we had a grand time. The candles were on a jello dessert and was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen… birthday candles bobbling around, you should try it!. Of course I didn’t get a good picture, I think they are picking wax off the jello.Thursday (after work/city commuting) I did some studying about my TMP transmission (so do I let the prop spin or not. The dilemma is driving me crazy) and then hung out at the port, met a couple of new guys, one sailing instructor with cool stories and another who has mast steps which I gotta try out one day…. I would really like mast steps to be able to go aloof on the drop of a hat.

Friday, another quiet day but the humidity in the evening was out of control. It apparently had rained all around but of course not on ol’ Zoot.

Saturday, my brothers wife’s birthday. I’m invited to Schinia, the end of the beach of Marathon bay (yes the original Marathon where some poor soul ran back to Athens to declare victory against the Persians and dropped dead), for ouzo and munchies. Check it out on Google Earth. A very cool place

38° 8’35.76″N    24° 2’56.10″E

And it still smells as it did in the 60’s when I was a wee lad. Great little tavern where you eat and drink sitting on wicket chairs with your feet in the sand, quiet and lovely. It’s 15nmiles north from Kalo Gialo and was way to windy so sail up there so I drove out, 120km round trip, but it was such a beautiful day, it was a cool land cruise though other places like Vavrona which was the hunting goddess Artemis crib and I think Odysseus also had a stay on is 10year voyage back home to Ithaki. Anyway….. Ouzo, sardines, octopus, tsatziki, real french-fries, salads, fried zucchini, yum yum yum!!!!!! (click images to enlarge)

That evening, my buddy and editor extrodinaire Kenan came to visit Zoot Allures for the first time to sleep over and spend Sunday. After eating dinner (more sardines!) at the port, we eventually hung out on ol’Zoot talking and sipping raki till 3am.

Sunday, another amazingly beautiful day. Cuz G.S. (who I shall reveal is Greorge Skretas) came for a floating visit for the first time with his wife Vicky (badass filo pastry pizza creator) and a French friend of theirs Paulina who has been visiting. All in all a beautiful relaxing day. Unfortunately towards the end when Kenan and I were taking our last dip in the sea before joining the others for a BBQ, Kenan slipped on his way back on board and F^%$ed his under arm up on the life line and rushed back to town to have it checked out. Bummer!

First thing on the shopping list. Get some nonslip tape on the man-overboard steps!!!!! (and also get serious with my pharmacy which is non-existent.)

Monday morning, the sea was so transparent you could walk on it. Leaving for town is a terrible thing and on arrival, the schizophrenia kicks in like clockwork…… sigh….

So before I wrap up this blissful bunch of blabbing… Alexandras’ dad gave me some old boat books and plates. Very cool stuff to read and my galley is obtaining some character!

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

ps… Hey! I should do some sailing instead of having such a great time, you’d think. Not easy with so many non sailors aboard. Hopefully next time if the winds blow (which are not in the forecast… go figure)

pss… Angela Merkel is in town and the whole city has shut down. How the hell am I supposed to get home from work or to my boat…jeeeez. She is not helping the situation much



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5 Responses to October?

  1. kiwi says:

    Yo Capt Pete,
    Thankx for a lovely weekend.. the only thing i’m sorry about is that it was cut short by a simple slippage of the foot. I was looking forwards to waking up bright and early on ol’ zoot on monday morning and having another quick dip b4 heading out to town. For all of you who don’t know, Zoot is a beauty. Kalo taxido and I’ll b back as soon as the hand permits!


  2. thanks for the family update, capt. – cousins, sister in law etc….
    sis escaped to Aegina, therefore was absent on Sat at Schinia, looks great!
    As for Merkel,~~ poor(!!!!) me is stranded on island because it would be such a difficult task to get back home…! Nothing can circulate in Athens and school’s out today. I’ll take an early boat tomorrow morning. So… not only you are having an unpredictably nice early October… Dare we, though?? Tough times are looming in the air, so let us enjoy the the wonderful things this country has to offer!


  3. And enjoy we do, sis.
    What could be nicer than being stranded on an Island away from the city “crap”.
    You still owe me a visit! Better hurry up (it’s getting cooler)


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