Not much going on…

Actually, too much is going on

I’m pooped

And there ain’t much to write about. Last week was pretty busy with work and socializing. Every morning work + Monday went to a movie premiere with Ada and then tapas and beer. Tuesday house work (yeah, right!). Wednesday drove out to ol’ Zoot with 5 gallons diesel, hung out at the sailing club to show Kostas some face, ouzo a cuz G.S. and drove back home (early morning client). Thursday with Ada checked out Bad Mathematics gig ( with more beer. Friday a full blown school reunion with Ada (no beers, just a sangria and a glass of wine… way too bizarre).


1. indeed pooped.

2. I think I really AM a boat guy. Socializing was next to impossible. I’m so not interested in movies (been over 12 months), live music (way loud to hold a conversation, healing ear did not appreciate it), don’t get me started with people I haven’t seen in over 30 years and didn’t really care to, minus a few exceptions.

3. This was the first Thurs. and Fri. I wasn’t with Zoot Allures in 3 months!!!!! For shame, for shame, bad Capt Pete, bad!!


Saturday morn went out to Z.A. with Ada. Swam, cooked, took it nice and easy. She took off in the evening and I went to the typical G.S.  ouzo and dinner. His wife Vicky makes a badass pizza with filo pastry, pesto and … stuff.

Sunday Alexandra and brother Vaggelis came for a lazy day. It’s really quite warm (over 30C/90’sF), the sun starts to burn in 10mins and too windy to set up the shade cover. We spent most of the day inside cooking, eating, drinking and vegging. At least Alexandra was more motivated and started sewing the plastic thingies for the new curtains (sitting around for 4 months).

et viola

Thanks Alexandra for sewing into the evening

Vaggelis has the “gotta drive back to Athens” blues

Oh yeah,  the winds and sea had died down, and the moon was… outrageous!

Yesterday, Monday, back to work to master a crap CD (my ex boss got me fuming when I saw the previous one I mastered, with him getting the credit… why I bother. One day I shall be bothered to say what’s on my mind and that will be the end of it, and my job and I’ll be a boat guy, jobless and ready to cruise the seven seas, woohoo)

As you can see… not much going on. I do feel rested besides the heat (Oct 1st??). So today I changed this blogs appearance from noir to blanche,  for all of you, my tender little snowflakes.

Yikes! Need boat time! Definitely after work 2morrow

Stay “cool”

Capt Pete

ps… are you kidding?


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Not much going on…

  1. christina depian says:

    seems like plenty going on to me…
    Enjoy today on board, capt!!


  2. Thanks sis. I’m gonna be on an extended lunch break! Shhhhhh….


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