Waiting for it…

Did ya know

“Water won’t boil if you’re watching it”

For those who have been paying attention, I’ve been praying for rain for a while now. Poor ol’ Zoot is covered in salt since I tied up in the harbor mid July. The Sunday before August 15th, I postponed my visit to Nafplio for a day due to 6hours forecast of  down pours, and only got 4 drops. This weekend had a rainy forecast.

Backup. Wednesday went to Porto Rafti after work. I installed an inline fuse (20amps) between the solar panel controller and the battery + connector… something I should have already done, a short could have fried the whole boat! Then I went and hung out with Kostas and Paula who are back from their summer thang (cruising chartering etc). I had a client Thursday so I opted to head back to the city that night (after a few pops of some interesting raki Kostas had).  Of course the client cancelled and was booked for Friday. That Thursday I went to Zoot and opted to take the morning rush hour public transportation on Friday. What a parade of sheep! Beeeeeeee. Anyway, Friday back to Porto Rafti. Hung out at port again with the local sailors, had a beer, went to Zoot, cooked some rice stirfried with garlic onion and ginger and went to bed at 10(!) Bythetheway, the humidity was awful. Soon to be an issue.

Saturday. Ready for the rain. There’s supposed to be alot. It rained… for 1 minute! This means all the dirt dust that had accumulated on deck got really messy. Certain it was gonna rain again, I scrubbed the whole boat down with sea water (thats alotta buckets) and awaited the oncomming storm…. which never happened! So I spent the day doin’ other stuff. I tipped the deflatable and cleaned her bottom. A good tip from my neighbor Alex. Tip it, let her bake for and hour and scrub her down. You can tell it’s done when the fishy smell goes away. Check out the patchwork from the previous owners. She also sinks! About half a gallon of water a day. Poor old Europa. I want to save her. I came up with a patend for her. I spent 1 euro on fishing net floats and passed them thru the lifeline. Didn’t try it out but I’m pretty confident it’s gonna be one of the cheapest and successful updates!

Sunday. The sky looked like hell over to the west over Athens. Friends getting hammered with rain were calling to see how I was. Of course I was having a lovely sunny morning. My friend Ada went for it and came down for the first time. After swimming nibbling and a few pops, we decided to go for a sail. The winds were just right, 10-15 knot, nice and cloudy  and I hadn’t sailed in weeks. Ada has had her share of sailing over 20 years ago but I wasn’t worried, just the lingo had been forgotten. But she knows how to look up to her captain!We set out the sails before we cleared the Rafti island. We had it on our lee side and we were a bit to close for comfort so I decided to fire up the iron sail for safety.  The fucker wouldn’t start! just some buzzing whirling sounds, must be the starter motor. After a panicking jibe we got away from the rocks and opted to go back. The sail wasn’t great, but getting to the mooring and tieing up on the first try was a great success! Of course the dingy was tied there so missing it would have been pretty pathetic, but I’m wet from the compliments. As a fellow sailor and friend from Portugal said in his blog Zen to Zero – Life of a Sailboat Owner, “if you own a sailboat shut off the engine and treat yourself to an adventure. Isn’t that what sailing is all about?”.  Hey Horacio! This ones for you!

After the adventure, Ada and I went to port. Had a much desired beer and ate boiled wild green salad (horta), vinegar marinated gavros (small fish, anchoves?), fried marides (smaller fishes, smelt?) and some baked sardines. Yum! After Ada took off, I went back to mend moi paurve Zoot Allures. Sure enough, the starter motor was hanging off one bolt, one almost off and the third, gone. It was hanging about an inch of the motor! I managed to get it back in place and tightened the one screw and nut. It took me an hour of moaning and groaning and aarg-ing. The sucker is heavy as hell and my Perkins has got the worst access. But now she fires up! WooHoo!

Gotta find new bolts.

Gotta go sailing next weekend, probably Petalious Islands

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… of course you know it’s gonna rain like hell now that I’m not there.

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Waiting for it…

  1. christina depian says:

    Rain never seems to synchronise….
    As for your sail… phew!! Close call, capt!!!


  2. Arrrg, me sissy. Close calls….. we fart at their general direction. As for the rain, tonight is forecasted for showers. I’ll probably go for the fun and deal with the starter screws… hopefully not getting “screwed”.


  3. By sailing to your mooring without using the engine, you’ve just passed the sailor’s first step toward earning the “Columbus Diploma”. What’s that you ask? Don’t know, but it sound meaningful in an increasingly meaningless world. Better stop at that before I start writing a treatise!!


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