The Plague!

Well Monday was a quiet day. I was thinking going into town and go back to work but I heard it was 40C and humid so that idea was bagged. Here the slight winds were from the east which brought filth and clouds of medousa jellyfish. I haaaaaate jellyfish. Anyway, since the forecast was changing I wanted to drop my anchor for extra protection. I’m in 6 meters of water and do alot of diving down there for expecting mostly for fun. On my last dive I think I did something clumsy due to a jelly cloud. Blah blah yada yada… Monday night I couldn’t sleep.
My ears had been bugging me in the past but it would usually go away. This time it didn’t. I tossed and turned all night with my right ear driving me insane. It was like something was in there and I couldn’t get it out.
Tuesday I went to Athens to get it checked. Went to a hospital, found a doc and the fun began. He proceeded by sticking a tiny vacuum tube in my ear and started sucking. I was yelling in pain and couldn’t sit still. It’s a wonder he didn’t pop my drum.
Long story short. I’m back on the boat on antibiotic ear drops and pills. Can’t swim, popping painkillers like candy, can’t hear from my right ear and pretty much in a lousy mood. It’s full moon week, I had plans to sail to the Petalious islands again but all I can do is bounce around in 20knot winds.
Shoulda gonta work.
Capt Pete is sucking, whining, bored and pissed off. Plus I not allowed to drink for the 10 day antibiotic period!


I wanna go out and play


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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3 Responses to The Plague!

  1. isaac381 says:

    sorry about the ear!
    you know, your blogs appear in my email 30 words per line. i have to scroll across to read the whole line, then scroll back to read the next line. just thought you would like to know since it is your creation. thanks for your entertainment and effort!


    • Thanks for the “heads up”. This pass month was iphone blogging which is terrible. I’m back locked to my land desk and…… %$
      The ear is still blocked and I’ve been booked for editing 2morrow. Land life is ridiculous!


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