Just doin’ the boat thang

Hey folks
Well this week started out pretty bouncy (which helped me catch up on sleeping!) and by Wednesday all was cool. Actually pretty hot! It’s impossible to get anything done between 1 and 6pm. In the evening I’d go ashore to cuz G.S. and back to bed by midnight.
Since iPhone blogging sucks, I’m gonna state thing first then post photos.
Pending repairs. Bent bracket holding mainsail furling ( and reefing line). Missing wheel in mast for mainsail halyard. Mainsail outhaul sheet with chafe really to snap. These are some of the things that convinced me not sail afar plus I’m tired of fixing stuff in this heat.
On the brighter side. Europa dinghy is back and is holding air(!). I also got courage to partially take apart 2 of my winches. They need to be taken thourally apart and soaked in desiel but that would be too messy for now. Cleaned as much as possible and happy with results.
This weekend was for guests. Alexandra came for the weekend. Also Nikos Benos came with his kayak! Good times, good hanging. Also ma bro Zacky stopped by with his boat, wife, kids and niece on their way back to Marathon from Spetses.
It’s Monday, it’s quiet. Most everyone’s back to work from summer vacation. I go back next week. Tonight the winds shall be piping up again and the dancing shall commence.
Feeling kinda blue
Stay tuned
Capt. Pete
Ps Now let’s see if I can get this pics happening…..










Pss. Hey! It worked!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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