Lost at sea?? Not!!

Actually I kinda bailed out and apologise to all my followers for the lack of exciting news so many days. Here’s how it went…
In our previous episode I had set sail for the new moon for the Petalious Islands. The next day there was very little wind and after furling my sails in and out 3 times I opted to motor back to my mooring in Kalo Gialo. This 4 hour ordeal fried me… literally! Hats and fully dressed in floppy whites didn’t help. I probably got a tad of sun stroke. The sun and heat was ungodly. After recovering and reevaluating, I made the decision not to sail afar this year and remain in the South Evoiko sea. Zoot Allures still has rigging issues and the ol’ Perkins goes through way to much oil. Plus I’m still a bit inexperienced to be taking off alone. This decision had been driving me nuts and I believe right choice. That’s when I jumped ship!
My brother Zacky was going down to Nafplio (100 miles from Marathon) with his inflatable the next day and I needed a change of pace. Cruising at 25mph and calm seas, nice! Of course we went by ol’Zoot to say hello and of course, I felt weird and guilty.


Back on Monday, a week of relaxation with fellow boaters and my sisters kid Luis came for couple of days and had his first sail. Also I picked and ate alotta figs a cuz G.S.

The following Monday I rapped up poor ol’Zoot and drove down to Nafplio for an annual family get-together. Good times with bbq-ing and little swimming excursions with bro’s boat, taverns, wine and good food (lotsa BBQ sardines)

I had been following the wind forcasts and knew they were piping up. I got back to Zoot Allures Monday to find her bouncing on her mooring at force7 winds. I have joined her in this dance. We were having gusts over 30mph. Last night was quieter but we’re back at it today. So I spent my days bouncing, doing minor repairs (dang water pump again. Clogged input filter), and am making a list of stuff that needs to be done. Some for September when it cools down abit and other for on the winter hard
Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Ps…. Did I mention iPhone blogging sucks!!!!


I cant get pics where I want lost a bunch of text. Bad wordpress, bad!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Lost at sea?? Not!!

  1. Dean Bachelor says:

    Sounds like a good time. A word of advise about blogging, I learned the hard way. I do all my blogs on notepad on my laptop first, then copy and past to the blog website. After about 4 months of blogging, I did a back up of the blog so far, printed it out, hoping it would be like a book or log, NOPE it prints completely backwards you can’t even juggle the pages because of wrong page breaks and photo info stuck in there.
    SO for the last 6 months of our trip blog, I can print properly from notepad. Your blogs will be very interesting to you next year or so when you look back at all the (work?)

    But, keepem commin, Thanks, Dean

    ps. sounds like a cool place you live, any video of your other escapades out there anywhere?


    • Yo Dean. It actually is quite nice here in Greece. Unfortunately too many politicians, fanatical scandals and a bunch (a huge bunch) of morons f-ing it up. It is paradise… You’ld love it. But I do envy your garden and old sofa under the tree!!
      Sorry, haven’t shot any video.
      As for saving all these blogs… I’ve come to point of not caring much on saving “everything”. If it all gets lost, so be it. It’s part of last thing I’m worried about. Plus all I got on the boat is an iPhone and don’t really feel like sitting in front of a computer on my vacation, ifyaknowhatimean! Alas, as of next week…..


  2. christina depian says:

    This entry, the second half, has a strangely poetic tinge to it! So captain, are you a poet too?? Hope you are sailing this windy weekend with friends and supporters!
    Ahoy ~ sis~


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