“Fool” House

“The man who has everything figured out is probably a fool.”
Jerome Lawrence

200£ Millionaire, Voyaging on a Small Income, Minimalism, Self Sufficient Sailor, Cost Conscious Cruiser…. all this great stuff I’ve read in the past year when my dream aroused, and what do I do….. I go blow 1500euros on a new outboard and inflatable tender… OUCH!

Thar she blows. A Greek made 2.40 slated floor, 4 colour  Cosa
… and a new 2012 Honda 2.3 hp air cooled outboard (Yes Horacio, she sounds just like a tractor!)
Here’s the catch. I don’t plan on docking in harbors. This is an investment for taxi-ing supplies like water, fuel, people etc. My old deflatable has gone to a repair guy to see if it’s worth repairing. I’d like to keep the old one for locale banging around and to take great care of the Cosa. She rows great compared to old Europa, inflated effortlessly, lighter, bigger balloons… she better last!
Recap… Last Tuesday was 7 beaufort and I got a ride ashore (beats swimming). On the way to work I got the Cosa (gotta find a name…). Wednesday picked up the Honda. Thursday went to Kosta to add the oil and gas and fired her up. Drove to ol’ Zoot. Inflated Cosa (effortlessly 🙂 🙂 🙂 ), carried her down and lauched, rowed out and introduced her to Zoot Allures. Not a beautiful match… but they’ll grow into each other. Rowed back out and installed Honda, buzzed back out. Thursday night was sipping raki looking at 2 tenders off my stern. Friday I rowed out (locked the honda in the boat) with 2 tenders. Parked one and deflated/rolled up the old one and dropped it off at the “guy”. (Did I mention I’m still holding a day job?)
Friday afternoon, back on Zoot Allures. Weekend plan… Alexandra is coming for the weekend and a couple of guys from work who are into sailing are coming Saturday to go for a spin. But first… I have to go to a club and see a gig of a jazz client of mine who is friends with Kosta and Paula and everyone else was there and whiskey here and whiskey there and…. I got to bed a 3, buzzed, broke and pfffff
Saturday morn, still pffff, Alexandra shows up. Just after rowing her in, Giannis (stage manager) and Georgios (old school sound engineer) show up  ready and gearing to go. Rowed them in too. (Honda still parked on the rail). I’m still pffff but we head out to the pelagos. A good 6 beaufort out there, pretty wavy and they loved the long keel “plowing” threw. (Alexandra slept through most of it on the foredeck!) I was still a bit pffff and worried about ol’ Zoot. This was her first real sail “out there” and well…. I was a bit scared.
We got back and I rowed (!) the guys out. After a cat nap, My brother Zacky called up and he’s coming on down.
Let me introduce you to Eva, the sea dog
My bro has a 6.6 Bat rib inflatable and has done alot of cruising in the Aegean with Eva, She’s a great swimmer and has the sea-legs to go. Anyway, as I was rowing out to tell them “forgetaboutit”, “no dogs in the new Cosa” and “how the hell to get Eva aboard”, I find them already swimming out. So I pick up Zack’s wife Amalia and we get back to Zoot with Eva already aboard. I don’t even want to know how!!! So we all hung out, swimming and drinking some more raki. Then we went to the harbor for a fish dinner. Of course I rowed another two trips and a third to get back to bed. Bytheway, Zacky’s done a lot of sailing and might change his plans to cruise Zoot Allures with me this summer vacation.
Sunday another two couples come to visit and relax. Zoot Allures is full house with 6 people chillin’! One of them, Nikos, a marble sculptor, has done alot of sailing, luved Zoot and told me a bunch of his stories of squalls, beaching and general info. Later on I rowed them out and also Alexandra. Then … solitude (at last)
I’ve lost count how many times I’ve rowed back and forth. Was it for the environment, was it for not annoying the local swimmers, am I a fool for dropping a grand on the Honda???
Stay tuned
Capt Pete.
ps… I’m lacking  alot of confidence in myself and of ol’ Zoot Allures in cruising the rough “Meltemi” winds of the Aegean this summer. I’d love to have someone like Zacky or Nic to come with me… we’ll see, hence the stay tuned
pss… Next week my vacation starts. What to do, where to go. I’ll probably hang around for a week relaxing, fixing stuff (like my water pump still leaks from underneath) and just take it by ear… what?

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to “Fool” House

  1. hiya capt~~ yohoho from Nafplio with a bottle of…. one of Ludo’s many ouzo bottles. We decided this will be the summer of ouzo and drinking to his memory… so hurry up and get down here!!! Who was Zappas favorite lady friend? = idea for dingy name. Sounds like a very successful weekend. And I am sure that both the swimmers as well as the environment appreciate all that rowing… not to mention the benefits to your arm muscles. Keep it up capt P, ~~sis


  2. Hey Sis!
    Ouzo is something I keep on forgetting to stock up on. It’s great to take a sip after a swim to clear your mouth. Raki doesn’t quit cut it. And toast we shall.
    As for Zappa women… his wife Gail, I’ve heard, is a bit bitchy with the royalties. His daughter, Moon Unit seems to be kinda cool. Most dinghy / tenders have the name “tender of …” which is boring but could help recover one if lost or stolen. We’ll see. I think the multi colour might help.
    And I think the swimmers are quit amused by now!
    Seeya soon, sis


  3. Steve Yoder says:

    Naming your dinghy “Tender to…” just tells the local ne’er-do-wells on the beach which boat at anchor probably has no one aboard. I’d go with Moon Unit or, seeing as how amply endowed your Cosa is, maybe Suzy Creamcheese.


    • AHA! Another FZ fan showing his age!
      LOL Steve. Yeah, the Cosa IS cheezy lookin’ and your right about no one aboard the mother ship. I was thinking maybe Inca Roads because she looks a bit alien. She’s currently nice and clean and rolled up in Johnson baby powder in her bag in my livingroom. Sorta considering selling her and would luv a portaboat but …$$. I might build a plywood “Dynamite” Payson Nymph if I cant repair the old sinking deflatable. Then again, who knows what I’ll do.
      The GR crisis is bearing down hard, I’m on the hard, its winter here and it seems like yesterday when it was too hot to move!


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