Hot and lazy

Wow… has it been hot. Spent three days back home and slept on the couch with the A.C.. It was 35C indoors!

Thursday I head out to Zoot Allures to deal with the dingy. I had obtained a water meter card and went to the port to fill a 20lit jerry jug. A guy was washing his boat, ‘asked how long and he just said “fill ‘er up”. Right then Kostas shows up and calls me a freebe. WTF? Anyway,  the spot in the harbor next to his boat was empty so we went out to ol’ Zoot and brought her in after a short stop to help some guy with his jib furling on a mooring. My first docking (stern in). Long keels are rough when it comes to reverse and I did what Kostas instructed who was on the anchor and “slingshot” me in. I don’t see any more docking anytime soon… too stressful when it’s crowded with a breeze. Anyway, I spent the rest of the afternoon filling my water tanks (200lit/50gal) and washing the decks and hanging out before heading back late to the melting city.

Friday. My cockpit grated floor repair is done. I head out of work early, picked up the grate with Percules in his open  jeep, stuffed it in my car and head out. On my way I picked up a head discharge hose and a vented hope thingie. Mine was really started to smell with the heat and I was kicking myself for not changing it earlier (dummie). When I got to port, another boat had just come in. It was Alex, the guy whose mooring I’m on. After assuring me his not kicking me off (he’s got another mooring next to mine and we’re gonna be neighbors) we hung out in his GibSea with Kostas, Paula and another couple. Alex is a great host and we had a fine time eating and… drinking!

Saturday. Still hot. It’s Paulas birthday. After a badass cup of Jo and a “breakfast of champions”, I started on my shit hose. I couldn’t fit it on the sea cock…argg. After a few attempts soaking it in boiling water, it was just to hot to carry on so I went to lunch at G.S. (it had been a while since I had launched). My sister Christina was also there and I invited them over for the evening. Back on the boat, I tidied up after finishing off the shit hose installation (more boiling water). That bad boy ain’t gonna siphon on me (looks like I over did it… at least the smell is gone!) Christina, her dog Panos and Vicky (G.S.’s wife) came by and we had the first portside hangout in Zoot Allures listening to a big brass band playing further over.

Sunday. Really f^%$ing hot. There was a nice breeze for sailing but the sun was brutal. We all left the port and went to Kalo Gialo. I tied up at Alex’s second mooring, cut my fingers on little f’ing barnacles on the ropes and bleed all over my bow, almost crashed into Kostas boat and dived into the sea just before getting sun stroked. The remainder was another picnic in Kostas cockpit. We all just chilled out eating, drinking, swimming. I tried to get some “stuff” done on Zoot after sunset, but it was still too hot!

Monday, back to the city on “the hottest day of the year”. I would have stayed there too (nice and cool at work) but the wind forecast for Tuesday is 7beaufor. And sure enough, 5am I woke up to the howling wind and the dance began. By 8am it clocking 30+knots. Poor Zoot Allures dangling on a mooring, I feel so sorry for her. Even the dinghy flipped over twice (lost my favorite and valuable sponge). Eventually I got a ride out in Alex’s tender and went to work. Now I’m sitting and fretting. At least it’s not as hot any more.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… yes, stay tuned! next blog’s gonna have some new taxi developments!!

pss… a few pics of the bulwark trim the launch crane f’ed up,,, bastards!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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