And That’s the Way Ya Doit!!!

Actually, that’s how it was done. Probably it should have been done a bit differently…. but whatayagonnado!

Very special thanks to Thanos from the Zoot Allures Video Dept (lol), for the filming and editing and sanding and, and, and… (guess who’s the first cruise guest).


Saturday afternoon verified the Sunday’s launch. Truck’s coming at 7am. All is ready. Thanos came over and spent the night. We went out for dinner at cousins G.S., back to the boat, a few pops, set the alarm for 6:15, passed out.

7am sharp (!) the truck pulled in. The above video pretty much says it all. They strapped her up and lifted her. That’s when my heart sank. The strap pressure crushed the bulwark/ toe rail plank! On both sides! Whatthefuck!!!!! When your boat is suspended, you stay out of the way and let the dudes do there thing, I guess… but whatthefuck!!!

After it was plopped down on the flat bed, I sanded and antifouled the support areas while the mast was laid on top. Then there was the 3km drive to port. It barely fit down Kosta’s  road. Leaves and branches littered the decks (which I did find amusing).

At the port, Kosta ask me where the boat papers are. I said “on the boat”. He says we need them for the launch port fee (5euro).  So he lifts me up the the first step, I got the papers, got the papers and did something to my back on the way down.

No time to waist. Zoot Allures is laid in the water. Engine started (after needing some fuel bleeding), attached mast spreaders, untangled the shrouds, stepped the mast, rigged and took of for a spin. Kostas at the wheel, he practiced a bit in reverse and after 2 attempts to stern dock (quite a windy day), we bow docked next to his boat. In the time being, the truck had taken off and brought another boat. Also Percules showed up. Kostas was off for the other launch so Thanos, Percules and I went for breakfast. They had crepes, I just had a beer!!

Back at the boat, Kostas is working on the other guy’s (old fart) crap boat so I just did little things, taking off the branches and leaves and stuff, hanging with ma pals, all dazed and confused.

By 2 o’clock the sun was blazing down, Percules and Thanos took off for Athens. A friend of Kostas, Alex (an experienced sailor), came by and Kostas finished up the old fart’s crap boat and we went for lunch. BBQ sardines, vinegar marinated gavros fish, almiriki salad and ouzo! Then Paula, the kids, her sister and brother in law joined us. We proceeded eating and drinking more. Yeah… I was drunk and high as a kite and a real happy guy!

“What’s the plan” I ask and Kostas says we’re all going for a ride! I took off with Alex who showed me a few maneuvering tricks and the rest went in Kostas 42 footer. We went behind the harbor, anchored and tied up together and I had my first beautiful swim (I was holding it for today so not to betray my baby). Alex has a mooring there, we tied up Zoot Allures as the sun was setting and went back to port on Kostas boat.

Then I’m like “HEY! How am I supposed to sleep over? My dinghy’s still rolled up in my car!”. It was dark so that plan was scratched. I took the dinghy back to Kostas place, loaded up the cockpit floor grate (which needs some TLC) and took it to town to Percules who knows a guy to fix it. Had a couple more pops, went home… and died!

Monday went to work, banged out / mastered a CD compilation and went home exhausted wondering what my baby is doing. I just didn’t have any “umph” to go out there. Tuesday after work, I drove out, picked up the loyal deflatable, got to the spot and rejoined my love at sea. I spent my first night on my first boat! Sweet dreams.

It’s Wednesday, I’m back at work writing this and I’m still moving around. I guess this is how it’s gonna be.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… how’s that for blabbing, eh?!

pss… why am I still moving? Whoooh!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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12 Responses to And That’s the Way Ya Doit!!!

  1. Congratulations!!! Looking great in the water.
    Now that you splashed her, now that the stressful ceremony is over, here comes married life.
    Yeah, that’s right. Now that you’ve done her, get ready for the love-hate relationship.
    The demanding high-maintenance beauty is gonna put a hold on you.
    Enjoy the ride.


  2. Apostolis says:

    Καλα ταξίδια!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Marie-Jeanne DE PIAN says:

    Lovely boat, How does one get on it? And now the love affair begins… Happy sailings. Wonderful Video. Bravo Thanos.


  4. hanna says:

    Oh Kap´tn Pete!
    the HuG´s


  5. Vince says:

    Cheech. Congratulations. A lot of hard work but all worth it. I can’t wait to see her next year. Start preparing.


    • Hey guys, Next year?! Good, that mean I’ll have more time to prepare my skills. It all seems like risky business for now… would want to leave a bad impression…
      I’ll miss ya’ll this year though.


  6. christina depian says:

    love the last minute painting…! sure the fish will appreciate it too!
    great! well done! kalotaxido!!… and the video was, as expected, very zoot allures!


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