What’s going on?

I’ll tell you.

Motherf^%$king Greeks just voted the same motherf%$#kers who bankrupted the country in the first place! What a bunch of stupid motherf%$#ckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and they’re surprised to see the the neo nazis in parliament) Common sense is not a Greek virtue. Plus I did my tax thingie and I’m getting F%$#%CKED!!!!!

Winds are 30 knots gusting over 40 and I can’t launch. Plus I have no news on the heat exchanger repair and the mast foot is just sitting there. Kostas is working his ass off elsewhere and has left me in the dark. We’re also supposed to change the windlass controller. So I go to the boat and just do little things that I was saving to do afloat. So I’ll tell you what’s going on………………… I’m depressed!!!!!!

So I’m not in the best of moods, but I did take a few shots of little jobs done

hull repaired and antifouled


hatch hinge repairs with epoxy putty

new spreader boots

rewired wind thingie, VHF, led lights on mast top

wood cleats back on

stern light twined on to pulpit

Well… that’s pretty much all I have to say. Today I have to blast out, pick up a 25euro (ouch!) PVC repair kit so to fix the deflatable dingy leak I found the other day. Plus buy oars and oarlocks. Maybe Kostas will give me some news, if I see him.

I’d say “stay tuned”, but it doesn’t seem appropriate

Capt Pete

ps… spending more money does not help me getting over being depressed!

pss… It’s been so windy, the boat’s covered in thick dirt dust. I’m beginning to loathe the land and everything associated with it. In other words… I’m having a bad week.

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Well…?

  1. hanna says:

    Hold your ears stiff, kapt´n!
    sincerely your landlubbers H u G


  2. isaac381 says:

    My friend,
    You seem to be making remarkable progress. If I could only make you see my situation, mabey you would appreciate your own success better.
    I really like your ‘Zoot Allures’ styling on the hull, it is very eye catching.
    Today I ground fiber glass with my grinder. No venalation, only showers.
    I am trying to focus on repairing the decking core rot, while also tending to the whole project of rebuilding the structual interior frame work.
    This involves ripping out the old structual and prepping the surface for new 5/8″ plywood bulkheading. The interior is second to the exterior, except I am waiting on funds to finish fixing the core rot issues. I am in above my head, but atleast I cn afford to wait. I just hope that My old job hires me back soon. As of now I am making less than half of my normal income, so that adds to my destress. The good news is that I feel like there is no stopping me in my progress since I am coming to the age where I can see improvments at every corner. Age is a blessing. Cant wait to show a spring hen that! Ha!.
    Salute mon frier.
    Everett, Washington State


    • OMG Dude! Bulkheads, rotten core…. I could never comprehend such renovations at this point. You should start some kinda blog to key us into how (horrible!) that stuff is done. Good luck too ya and keep your head above water… especially financially!
      Sorry ’bout the wining… F%# politics. Heat exchanger’s going in 2morrow… feeling much better


  3. Hey Pete,
    My first reaction to Jakatar when I realised what I was in for: Jeeesus, why did I buy this huge complicated bathtub?
    That was 11 years ago.
    Yesterday I went to the marina to run the engine and felt sick mulling over the fact that I wouldn’t be sailing to the Algarve this summer.
    When you’re anchored off a picturesque hillside town with the dinghy tendered to the stern and reading a good book in the cockpit you no longer feel the insanity of greedy corrupt maestros flapping their wings at the orchestra…life refills your body and when you go ashore for a beer the newspaper racks look like a rubbish heap.
    I’m in tranlation quicksand right now and would much rather be upside down in the engine compartment loosening a rusty bolt with my teeth!!
    Damn it, got to get back to work.


    • Wow Horacio!
      So I’m not the only one with the “My God, what have I done” bathtub thingy. 11 years! By then I wanna be outta here cruising the world (the dream). I can’t wait for this summer’s mini shakedown. I can already imagine it just how you’ve described it. Sorry to hear you fouled summer plans. I’m getting pretty screwed at work, but the way things are going… it’s probably best to take any work you can find for now.
      I saw your summer houses blog. Sweet!
      Gotta go. New exciting posts coming!


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