To splash or not to splash…



Well, it’s Friday and I’m home back in Athens. I’ll explain but first lets recap

Finishing the oil/varnish on Sunday (Thanks Thanos!)

(Ilias… this one’s for you)

Wednesday was the mast foot day. We gotta cut 3cm off due to electrolysis



and it’s off

cutting aluminum to replace the  3cm (2 pieces)

Lots of other stuff getting done. Fiberglass repair on the bow



Thursday was the last prep day. Taking the last stuff off the boat  while bringing back other stuff (dingy, fenders etc). I took apart and cleaned the mast lights, all in working order. Kostas was also running around and it was getting late. He was still working on the mast foot and I was supposed to lay on the second coat of antifoul paint. Then things started getting worry-ing

My Perkins diesel has a heat exchanger. The engine is fresh water cooled. This water passes through a chamber and is cooled with sea water which gets dumped back to the sea via the exhaust.  This chambers’ got a pencil anode (sacrificial zinc) so to avoid electrolysis in the chamber due to dissimilar metals in the salt water. I tried getting the new one back in but an old piece was stuck in there. Well, to make a long story short, the tubes (which mostly were blocked) is in a bucket of acid and the main chamber is almost holed from corrosion and must be repaired or replaced. For more info on zincs

Howdoyalike dem apples!!!!

Naturally the launch has been canceled. I was feeling bummed out but also releaved. A failed heat exchanger would have been catastrophic to the engine (seizure) plus I didn’t really feel ready. So I drove home last night, passed out and slept like a baby… without the misquotes WooHoo!

“It is what it is” as the saying goes in the boat/cruising world.

Capt Pete

ps… zzzzzzzzzz, snore, zzzzzzzzz

pss.. the phones ringing off the hook. Everyone’s calling to hear the splashing news… how embarrassing! lol


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to To splash or not to splash…

  1. Wise choice not to launch unprepared.
    I just finished a translation marathon, checked your site and…yeah man, welcome to the boat slave world.
    If your heat exchanger is toast, check out this place for a replacement These guys have a lot of good stuff at decent prices.
    Don’t worry, the ocean isn’t going anywhere without you.


  2. Hey Horacio, good to hear from you. Thanks for the link… I had no idea where to start my research. Seems it shouldn’t be tooo expensive. I remember reading your post on heat exchanger relocating. An easy/ painful/allday project! Hopefully my gear box is fine… or I might pour in some diesel for laughs! Ahh, the slavery.
    This is my 1st day not on the boat in 2 weeks. Doing 3 loads of laundry!
    It’s getting hot around here, well into the 30’s. Boat work is rough between 1 and 5. I really gotta rap this baby up and hit the water before we melt!
    I really gotta stop working too. It was nice to just be a boat guy for a week. Minorca would be great, just a bit far for this first summer vacation. But if your heading this way, cold ones are on the house!


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