Workin’ on it…

Hey guys. I apologise for slacking on the blog. I’ve just been running around like headless chicken. This post is more of a diary of documenting.
Sunday….. I can’t remember what I did that morning. Stuff. In the afternoon Thanos came down and we finished the woodskining! And took off the windvane… Ma baby’s butt is naked and shinning!
Monday…. Went to order a Raymarine windmill (mines got a broken cup and is superglued). Back on the boat…. I can’t remember… Jeez!
Tuesday… Got a bit lazy in the morn. Drew out my anchor chain and spray painted markings. Took a carload of stuff off the boat to be stored and brought back samore (life jackets etc)
But…. Later on, Percules and Sandy came with all the new cushions!!!
We also laid down the ships title on the hull while Sandy sanitised the v-berth and head!!! You,d think I’d have a photo. I suck!
Moving right along, Wednesday. My Kostas day. Bright and early… Grided the bow hull, fiberglassed.
Mast, cut the foot of and went to a machinist to make for of an aluminium foot. Came back, Kostas puttied the glassed part, I lad on the 1st coat antifoul. Kaput! Took my first outdoor shower this year with a showerbag hung from some other boat.
2morrow Thursday. Late prep day before the splash. Yikes. Too much to do.

oh yeah, I’ve inflated the deflatable Europa260 dingy. It’s living up to it’s expectations! Hmmm. Percules brought me a Honda generator. WooHoo!!
Pictures DO exist plus Thanos made a video of the last woodskinning. I’m iphoning this and… Well, you know…
Capt Pete
Ps… Sould I start taking notes?… I can’t remember shit!
A few iPhone pics… The deflatable, done doors and wall, plus ma babe’s beautiful but!!




About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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