Numb Nuts, Stinky Fingers

Boom!… herewegoherewegoooo!

Another work of art from ma buddy Thanos and his camera/edit/effects genius. (Plus all the work he does helping out!!)

(and if A.C.T.A or Gail or Patrick O’Hearn give me any shit on using my favorite bass solo from F.Z’s “Sheik your Booty” album… well, they can suck my boney peperoni!)

So… Tuesday morn , bright and early, hit the Metro and head out towards the airport where I’d dumped my car (yeah, it’s “do-able”). Picked up some supplies and headed out to Zoot Allures. Hung out, coffee and ciggs and started out with the cockpit benches to get a sense of accomplishment. A nice big flat piece of wood…easy! But when your sitting on it, your balls and unmentional’s  go numb! Funny stuff… made me forget about my index finger which is still tingling from the other day. Then the door and ext. wall. Thanos really attacked that messed up veneer… I think it’s gonna look just fine 🙂

Then we had to rush back into town for… work smerk.


Day one of Perkins 4.108 service with Kostas (without Thanos and vid… :(). First we fired her up, no prob, and proceeded pumping oil, removing filters, removing raw water pump. When I first saw the engine months ago, the first thing I noticed was the lack of front engine access. Well, Kostas knows what he’s doing (opposed to me) and proceeded disassembling the raw water pump. It was missing an assembly screw and looked quite sad. No missing vanes (meaning we wont have to go looking for them in the heat exchanger) and we went at it, even used a hammer, and got it all apart. A couple of new flanges, impeller, TLC and she’ll be sweet again.

Removing diesel filters and old lines, engine and transmission oil and filters… well, all I can say is it ain’t easy and impossible to do without making a mess (eg. oil filter is upside down) => my hands stink and my bilge is a MESS!! I’m definitely gonna have a deja vu!!

Of course, rushed to “work” and was asked for some CD’s I had handed in a month ago (signed!). Why do people loose sensitive art???!

Next up. Thursday finish sanding with Thanos, Moving in Friday night, finishing engine service (needs parts), oil/varnishing over the week end, Tuesday (?) bottom paint and bow fiber-glassing and mast foot, Wednesday ()?) rapping her up, Thursday, or Friday splashing!!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… washed my hands 3 times already and they still smell! Unmentionables back to hibernation, finger still tingles (WTF!)

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Numb Nuts, Stinky Fingers

  1. hanna says:

    Hy capt´n smelly fingers!
    we wish you a VERY successful splish splash!
    In the meantime we are back in raining vienna
    was so nice to have you around
    love & peace
    H u G
    Ps: here in Vienna I really really enjoy & n e e e e e d seanews!


  2. Hi Pete,
    When you splash, don’t wear rubber boots! Open your engine seacock, look nonchalant (it actually makes you more relaxed) and, most important, sail right by your marina slip and head straight for the Caribbearn (don’t forget to stop at Peniche on the way for a cold beer).
    Plan B: we’ll meet someday at an anchorage in Minorca. First I’ve got to stop working.
    PS. Your blog no longer has great potential….IT’S GREAT!


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