Numb Finger

Good eeeevening!

Sunday and Monday morn rap. Caulking time. … going with Sikaflex 295UV. It apparently has the best UV tolerance and believe me, summer in the Med is brutal. (also in the photo is the installed VHF).

So… pre-caulk prep. This entails checking and last minute scraping. Then cleaning the grove with an acetone soaked rag and a spatula. Vacuuming, taping off. Caulking, fingering, tape removal…. TaDaaaaa! This is a lot more work than I expected. First of all it means being on your knees and dragging them while leaning over the side. Yes I got knee pads but they eventually burn you skin after going up and down approx 4 times for 20meters! Plus… polyurethane is nasty messy stuff, my gloves would give out and my index finger tip is really numb (kinda freaking me out). Of course camera usage was nearly impossible on my own but here a few pics.

Taped and prepared groove

Pealing tape off (the fun stuff)

et viola

Bytheway… don’t finger the caulk after removing the tape… it will mess it all up.

Other stuff done… I removed the plastic covering the life lines and discovered (the smart way) quite a few “meat hooks”.Hmmm.

I also un-punged and removed a few bulwark screws which need re-sealing/re-seating. I only used 3 tubes of sealant and I’ll probably use it for this stuff and a few other joints

This week I’m working afternoons. I took the public transportation today from Zoot Allures. Seems do-able. 1 1/2 hours approx

I had coffee with Kosta and Paula this morning and verified I am splashing next week! Tomorrow is Perkins 4.108 service day or if not possible… time to lay down some woodskin…. weather providing.

Numb fingers crossed,

Capt Pete

ps… there’s so much more to be done, but it’ll been done afloat. I’m sure diving in the sea will be rejuvenating after slaving to ma baby!

pss…. umm, I’m  supposed to be working now… narf!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Numb Finger

      • isaac381 says:

        I just thought you needed something else to think about for a few minutes. Keep up the good work. I am also in the process of sailboat ownership. Today I was able to spend sometime figuring out the new bilge pump wireing sytem. All used parts, but still work. I bought my first sail boat in march of this year. Basket case. She is now ready for bottom coat and interior carpentry. On the hard. 25′ pearson sloop, 1967 fiberglass. Very classy lady.


  1. Hey Isaac, basket case is putting it mildly. Same timing too, my first boat bought in March on the hard. You’d think Alex at PBS brainwashed us or something! When and how can we see your classy lady?
    As for the link you sent, now that is some messed up sh^%t!


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