Last Stretch Determined…

Uh oh….

Monday June 4th is Holy Spirit Day here, a “religilous” holiday. I’m taking the whole week off. I talked to Kostas and he OKed one of those days for launching. Weez gonna splash!! So that pretty much leaves me 2 weeks for finishing up “on the hard” projects. ‘Gonna have to go weekdays as well… ouch!

This weeks prep. Printed auto pilot hydraulic pump and controller manuals, got windshield wipers, and 4 cans International Teak Skin Natural Teak! It’s an oil/varnish sealant. It used to be Sikkens Cetol which is now called Interlux, in Europe its called International yada yadayada… this shit better work! Theoretically 2-3 coats now and then one coat per year… fingers crossed! I also got e-mailed a sneak preview of the fabrics!

Saturday… busy program. I have to finish removing the old caulking of the rubrail. Nice and cloudy and cool. It had rained alot during the week and Zoot Allures was nice and clean. Alex (electrics) was ill and couldn’t make it, but he insisted I bring my JBW speakers. As I started working on the rubrail, it started to rain, so I went inside and hooked ’em up. Zoot Allures ROCKS! and is pretty when wet! It didn’t rain much and I managed to get some de-caulking done.

Of course I have to keep up with my social stuff. One of my cousins was in town from S.Africa and there was a cuz gathering for lunch at G.S. Then, back on the boat, de-caulking and constant interruptions from the cousins to “see whathefuck” (far left, my brother, an experienced sailor, and G.S…. I’m the dufuss kneeling in the middle)

I got a couple more hours work done at at 9 I had to buzz back into town. My good friends Gustav and Hanna (remember the hurricanes that hit Haiti? lol) were in town from Austria. It’s Gustav’s birthday and he had us out for dinner. A wonderful evening.  Gustav is somewhat of a film archeologist. Y’all should checkout his stuff

Sunday… back on the boat, de-caulking, de-caulking, de-caulking in the blazing sun and finished scraping.  Ouffff… done! My hands are trashed! (also knees, back etc… I’m getting used to it!)

I also tried out some Wood Skin

Zoot Allures iz gonna be Beauuuutiful!!!! So now I gotta figure out which freakin caulking sealant to use. Polyurethane, polysulfide, Sikaflex, 3M … fuckme! This stuff is expensive plus I never want to do it again!!!

Stay tuned…

Capt Pete


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Last Stretch Determined…

  1. Howard says:

    Hi Pete,
    I have been trying to buy Sikkens Cetol Marine Natural Teak in Greece for some time. Can you please tell me where you bought the new International Teak Skin Natural Teak. Being flamable, we can’t bring it from the USA on the plane, and so far we have not been able to find it in Piraeus or in the islands. It is wonderful stuff, and we want to keep using it.
    s/v Just Imagine


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