Sanding…. the conclusion


As you all know, I’m trying to get the old varnish off the rub-rail and topsides. I’ve been doing alot of research and went shopping (again!).  I got a heat gun (something I always needed) and some spatulas. I got some paint remover (ew chemicals), and also a Velcro pad for my angle grinder so to attach sandpaper to it (120grit). That varnish is coming OFF! And of course I got some more stuff. New knee pads, a polishing pad for the orbital, more sand paper (yawn), a hand brush, a mop (my other mop is all ew-y from the bilge gook), citronella candle and spirals for the mosquitoes, a bucket (for the list… get it ?) and of course…. to make my life complete, some Colman powdered mustard!!!

Saturday morning, loaded up the car with my 5(!) sails and hauled 60+km out to Lavrio for a 9am rendezvous to check ’em out and to see their condition. ( They are in great condition, just the spinnaker had two minor rips and the genoa UV protector need redoing. Then drove to Zoot Allures. ( my gas bills are growing!)

Back on the boat. Keeping a long story short. It’s hot, sunny and the heat gun didn’t do it (and I was probably worried about burning my baby). Snob-ing off the chemical remover, I  set up the angle grinder with 120grit… boom… varnish GONE!!! (WooHoo!)  Well, most of it. Angle grinders are vicious machines and one must take great care not to kill ones self and not to destroy everything else! Now all that is needs is touching up with the delta sander and the all the woodwork with a higher grit before oiling/sealing… stay tuned)

An other thing I wanna get done is to re-seal the top joint of rub-rail to the deck. Most of the old stuff is failing and now is the time. Good friend Thanos was in the neighborhood and dropped by to give me a hand. After trying razors, drill brushed and dremel points, we concluded to just scraping/popping it out with a screwdriver. Thanos did one whole side!!!! (I didn’t get shit done on mine comparatively). After mending his blisters (palm and knuckles) we got some raki, got a good buzz and he was off on the buss.

And speaking of buzz, that’s the key word of that Saturday night. Motherf%$#ing mosquitoes!! … I didn’t get much sleep. The candle and spirals were no match. I gotta get Zoot Allures in the water asap!!

Sunday. Alex came to start sorting the electrics. He’s a genius in studio CARs (central apparatus rooms) but this is his first boat experience+ he’s a big guy+it was really hot. After mopping the sweat and sawing the mountings, my VHF and instruments have power and are ready for testing after launching. We also tried the windlass but it had gotten way to hot to work. He’ll be back next weekend for more “stuff”. His conclusion was “F^%$ing small-people boats”!!!

In the heat of it all, Percules came buy to take measurement for the curtains. It was my birthday and he brought sweets (whattaguy!!!) and we just hung out sweating, sweeting and drinking beers and dreaming of summer cruising!

Ahhhhhhhhh 🙂

Capt Pete

ps… I wanna splash in 3 weeks. That means 3 weekends! Should I panic? I’ll take splash-week off work but I still gotta service the engine and mast foot (with Kostas) and paint the antifoul that week. It seems I gotta work weekdays as well (after the “real” job….) to finish the “on the hard” stuff. The main problems are heat, mosquitoes, expensive gas (1.75euro/liter approx 9$ a gallon), body pains and me being a dumbass!!! Only time will tell…………….


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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7 Responses to Sanding…. the conclusion

  1. christina depian says:

    all the best! meeting your 3 week deadline!


  2. horaciomateus says:

    Pete, during one of my rare forays into the Facebook world I discovered your message.
    Hey, so you’re the Greek following my blog. All this time I thought it was another Greek, also an engineer (chemical engineer, a coincidence or what!).
    Anyway the other Greek also owned a boat and lived in Canada and crewed on my boat during the Atlantic crossing and retired in Greece, as far as I know.

    I read your blog once, thought it had great potential (I was right) and then forgot to add it to favourites (which I have now done).
    The number of boat slaves is growing, I hope they don’t pass a law against it.
    Look forward to your posts.
    (or Horacio, if you like, I actually have two names to match my two nationalities)


  3. horaciomateus says:

    Pete, during one of my rare forays into Facebook I discovered your message and realized that you’re the Greek following my blog.
    I though it was another Greek, also a boat owner and also an engineer, who crewed on my boat when I crossed the Atlantic and, as far as I know retired in Greece.
    When I stumbled upon your blog in the early stages I thought it had great potential (and I was right) but then forgot to add it to favourites, which I have done now.
    It’s amazing how many boat slaves are out there looking for freedom and adventure. I hope a law isn’t passed against it!
    or Horacio – two nationalities two names


  4. Hey Horatio, great to see you and thanks for the “great potential” remarks. I’m not a writer, by far, and I sort of think these blogs are getting a bit corny… but, hey, man, your stuff is great and you should write more!
    Slavery…. better slave to a boat than to what the EU is doing to us!! They should pass a law against boat supply shops… what a ripoff! I hope your keeping your head above water there in Portugal. Here, it’s all going to hell…arrg. I’d love to take off and go meet up with PBS Alex in Panama for instance… it’s just not do-able yet. But that somewhat is the plan. I would definitely visit Portugal on the way “out” if not sooner!
    Your summer houses look great and I showed them to a friend for comparative reasons… really good deals compared to GR
    Dude, I can’t “follow” you blog. Or is it a Facebook thing?
    Gotta run
    Thanks again
    Pete, Peter, Petros, Peachtree…whatever. I’ve been called lots of stuff!


  5. Bror says:

    hey pete! Keep on the good work!!!


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