This weekend consisted of sanding, sanding, and … oh yes… ( almost forgot)… SANDING!

To all you out there. If you don’t plan on keeping up with your exterior varnish… don’t varnish!! It’s a pain in the &^% to get it off!

So this weekend, I went for the difficult surfaces of the rub-rail and bulwarks sides. The topsides have been scraped and easy enough for “guest” to do. The difficulty of the side surfaces is that they are further off the ground as you move to the bow so you’re either on a tall ladder or hanging half over the deck. Wider surfaces go pretty fast with the random orbital (eg rub-rail) but the other parts (rub-rail top and bulwark sides are narrow and my little delta sander is struggling (and so am I). I’m using 40 and 50 grit but that varnish goes white and you have to keep on going at it until you get to the wood. I’m considering other alternatives. A chemical stripper (blah) or a heat gun. Or…….. please fill in the blanks! I really don’t want to damage the wood any further.

Also on the top side of the rub-rail with the hull there is a silicone sealant which has to come off with a razor. Tedious stuff… how people with wooded boats manage?!

Here some pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bytheway… the name Kosmas Etolos is coming off to be replaced with “you know who”

Did I mention it’s practically Summertime, over 85F (30C) and the sun’s really bearing down. Time for white long sleeves, bigger hat and sunblock!


Other developments:

The bilge is, at last, is dry!

The hull anti-foul is gonna be black.

I sanded…

I met the great Dutch couple who have a CuttyHulk sailboat here in Porto Rafti. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard it’s a beaut! They also recommended Sikkens Cetol Marine Natural oil varnish and then gloss. I gotta see theirs first. But they came aboard Zoot Allures and fell in love!. The feeling is amazing when I get compliments of what a splendid ship Zoot Allures is.


Capt Pete

ps…. no music, just earplugs. Sanders are loud!

pss… We had elections, I voted for a party not consisting of politicians 5min before closing. I almost missed it due to…sanding.


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Sanding…

  1. Dean Bachelor says:

    I an gonna be “in your boat” soon, knowing my arms are gonna fall off, over and over again !!
    Enjoy, Capt. Dean

    not sure if the links will work from the comment section, but new video of the big wood boat


  2. Hey Dean, good to see you. That is some boat! Dual V8 Corvettes! Huge salon! Quite a project but she’ll be grand. Bytheway… my arms have stopped falling off, or I’ve grown new stronger ones.


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