Crack that whip!!


Yesterday was May 1st, Mayday, Bigass Strike Day.

So what do I do? Make people work for free! So wadaya’ll think about that!? (Actually, don’t tell me)

So… my good friend Alexandra and her brother Vaggelis where dieing to see Zoot Allures and help out. We got there by 10 but for two hours we just hung out. Then  “crack”! Get to work. Vaggelis on lifeline plastic stripping and Alexandra on scraping old flaking varnish-presanding detail.  I attacked the side rubrail with the orbital (40grit, ouch… but it needed it). We cranked out a few ours and where totally pleased with the results. I can’t emphasize how great it was to have the work they did done. Then we went and had a great lunch at G.S. and Vickys’.

Back on the boat, having coffee and getting ready to continue, Peri shows up! (Peri aka Pericles is a great friend and is responsible for the end of my boat search! “That’s the one” he said). He’s come to take the cushions and his wife Sandy, a great stylist is taking over the “aura”. (we’ll see what we’ll see…!). So Alexandra back on varnish scraping, Vaggelis took off, Peri and I loaded his  jeep with the old dusty retro interior garments.

Since he was still hanging out, crack, I put him to work on removing the windshield wipers (I had failed four times).  And after an hour of ticky ticky tapping, he got them off! A joyous moment indeed! He is Percules!!!


Later on Alexandra sorted out electrical joints (yahoo!) and I fought getting the windlass solenoids back in.  They don’t work!!! I SUCK!!!! Serves me right to be a slave driver!!

So the “free sailing cruise” list has begun.

Help is a wonderful thing.

Capt Pete

ps… at “real” work today I dragged my weary body to set the stage for for this guy (a blast from the past… ‘hadn’t been long enough!) at the Athens Concert Hall. What is this country coming to?!?


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Crack that whip!!

  1. christina depian says:

    sounds like a great day~! filia~~~!


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