Not much to write about this weekend. I spent most of it sanding!

To begin though, I went shopping (again!). Again I tried the local shops and got dicked around so much I’m not going to write about it… only to conclude that my shop-vac is the only one that cannot take a paper bag and that it’s impossible to find a generic vac hose. Eventually got most stuff from one of those big foreign superstores… politically incorrect, nice ‘n cheap! Left to right… giga paper-towel, spare rope (15mtr 2 euro),rubber sanding block and paper, wire brush wheel, dust pan with brush, siphon tube with ball pump, sealant, disposable brushes, lots of 1euro/5 pack sandpaper for my new 12euro delta sander (whoohoo!), generic vac paper bags, and of course, vinegar and detergent.

Saturday morning…. after stuffing the shop vac with a generic paper bag and testing, I attacked the old anti-foul paint. And I finished it! Ow! My arms!! They’ve fallen off again!  But it’s done. No more blue powder dust!

(Bytheway, it is not prudent (there’s actually a law) to make a lotta noise 2-5pm due to siesta time. That’s why I wanted to get the sanding done without taking breaks + it was a cool sunless day.)

That afternoon, I cleaned up the removed windlass solenoid with the wire brush wheel and painted it. I tried removing the second solenoid but one nut is really stuck… I WD’ed it and left it for 2morrow. I did some more pottering around but it’s difficult without arms!! So that evening I went to a cousins’ BBQ and had a coupla “cold ones”.




Sunday… first (of many to come) wood sanding day. Firstly using a scraper, then the orbital and delta with some worn out 40grit and then 80grit. Now this is where I need all of you. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO IT?? Leave it bare, teak oil, silicone sealant (like teak wonder)…. fogettabout varnish! Also, what should I fill the cracks/joins with?? And also… this wood is IROKO.

Later on in the day, my buddy Alex (Mr “fix-it/anything” from my postproduction days and great friend) came buy and is gonna help me out with the electrics. He seemed quite confident with most of it, he’s gonna make me a schematic (!) and clean up and fix a few things. He had a go at that stuck solenoid nut but “no go”. If Alex can’t loosen it, it’s stuck for good till replacement.

The rest of the day was general cleaning and mopping out the remaining bilge goo. I can see the bottom! And there is some stuff  down there!!! Like a battery cell cap, loose wires etc. I’ll probably suck ’em out will the shop vac after I dump some more detergent in there… it’s still goo-wy.





port deck looking aft

port deck looking bow

Here are a couple of pics showing the port deck and the wood work to be done. Note the nice cleat, but how am I going to “spring” her with out wearing the woodwork. The openings are looking harsh for rope. Something to discuss in the future.





Anyway. Tomorrow is May 1rst, Mayday, general international Strike Day. Zoot Allures is gonna get a sanding!


Capt Pete

ps …formatting a page with WordPress sticks!! It forgets spacing and….

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Arm-less

  1. Marie-Jeanne DE PIAN says:

    Hello. You fill the cracks with wood putty and then use sealant. Eventually use oil and not varnish. There is special oil for iroquo wood. Find out at the non-politically correct store. Otherwise keep going. You are doing a great job.
    If you have any chrome work l which has to be redone there are places that do this. Also there are places that do a wonderful job on copper work etc. At monastiraki. Love mom


    • Thanks for the info and compliment, Mom! I guess mothers know all… even about boats!! I’ve never heard of iroko oil, just teak oil which is linsead oil. I’ve looked for tung oil but noone has heard of it.
      Sealant over wood putty… where did you hear that?
      We’ll talk soon


  2. christina depian says:

    well done, captain Pete~!
    hey, don’t you answer your comments, Hanna is wondering…
    kali doulia tomorrow~


  3. hanna says:

    dear sand(ing)man!
    thil reading your bloc I look in a diffrent way when boats are passing by…
    we come oh yes to athens (we come 19.of may – Gustav´s birthday!) and looking forward to see you there…
    In the meantime: Aegina Aegina Aegina sand sea and seafood…
    keep your seaears stiff!
    Love H u G


  4. Sand sea and seafood… oh Hana, you do “it” to me! Mostly beans and rice for me… and fruit.
    May 19 or 20 are good for me. Otherwise on the weekend I’m boat-working. See you soon!
    My seaears are toast!


  5. Vince says:

    Cheech. I love reading your blog and look forward to it. Can’t wait to see the boat. Don’t hurt yourself.


  6. Cheech!! Good to hear from you! See you shall…soon I hope. As for hurting… I measure my acomplishments by the hight I can’t raise my arms!


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