Bilge Fetish

Howdie y’all

Woke up this Monday morning for (real) work, going da da daa, dada dada da da.

For your listening pleasure…

So before heading out for a Zoot Allures weekend, I did some research and shopping. Got a Jabsco .6liter accumulator tank (35euro), a Jabsco pressure switch (39euro…ouch!!), a TruPlug (may it rot in storage!), a vice grip (I’ve been dieing for one for years), WD40 (you fill in the blanks), lemon juice (for rust stains), 3 bottles of vinegar (for hydraulic lines) and a 1liter Tide detergent for the bilge. Total cost… 100euro. whatever….! Oh yeah, the head discharge elbow… it’s a f%$# Lalizas marine product and they say I have to buy the whole service kit (47euro) for a 2 euro part. I’ll probably get the whole pump from Jabsco for 70! No wonder the Greek economy sucks!

So I got to the boat Saturday at 11, had some badass coffee with Paula and talked about past vacations. We apparently used to go to the same free camping beach “Roukouna” in Anafi (google it… an Island off Santorini). On the boat, I pulled out the diapers, nice and heavy, gooky, ew-y and happy they did “something”. Feeling lazy and expecting a friend to come check out the electrics (he called saying he’ll come Sunday), I went for lunch at cuz G.S.

Back on the boat, I didn’t feel like sanding so I attacked the manual bilge pump (in the cockpit which of course doesn’t work). First I got the diaphragm out (the pump’s in the coaming). It’s old but not “gone”  so while I was at it I decided to remove the whole thing. Not as easy as I thought… probably hasn’t been out in 35 years. The hoses stuck solid. Using the advise from Don Casey’s “This Old Boat” (a great book for beginners), I poured some boiling water on the tube fasteners and after a lot of pulling and tugging, I got the sucker out.

Taking it apart was another story. 3 of the bolts holding the valves needed wacking with an impact driver (another new toy I’m sooo happy I bought) for 2 whole revolutions! Those suckers were stuck solid! So I cleaned it all up with diesel, it seems to work fine for now,  and reinstalled it. This all took 4hours!

That evening, still lazy, I just puttered around and read. I decided not to install the accumulator tank cause I wanna relocate the pump, longer wires, yada yada yada. I really wanted to pump that bilge out. So instead I dumped the whole liter of Tide in there and a couple of liters of water and sloshed it all around with the broom stick. That should make for some good pumpin’ juice. Before turning in, I disconnected the water line before the fresh water pump and ran the pump sucking from a bucket of vinegar and water till it ran from the taps and let that sit overnight.

Woke up early Sunday morn and went for a walk on the beach (amazing how much the place has been screwed up in the past 30 years). Back on the boat, procrastinating, I figured out how to prop the flip cam in a glass with paper towel and made my first attempt to to document myself doing “something”. So now was a good time to go under the cockpit over the transmission and stuffing box, bilge etc. (I’ve been going in head first up to my waist). Yeah, the audio sucks, I’m balding like f%$ and wearing my worst t-shirt… and I’m claustrophobic, spare me!

Enough nonsense.  I’ve been attacking the windlass solenoid for 2 weeks with WD40. I’ve jiggled the wires free and apparently it sorta works. I removed and cleaned it up a bit and tested it (ohm tested while activating the solenoid with jumpers to the battery). It works just fine! So I don’t have to buy a new one (yet) WhoHoo! Next week I’ll brush her down with a wire brush wheel thingie and she’ll be good as new (I probably should do the same for the other one too)

Head (toilet) pump elbow. I “RescueTape”ed (another great product) it but the crack got worst when I tightened it and it still leaked. Kostas had and old pump in the yard and gave my it’s elbow. WhooHoo, the head don’t leak no more! Screw Lalizas!

Back to the bilge. I did some more sloshing with the broom stick and went under the cockpit again with a sponge, soap and more water. I worked the manual pump but it didn’t seem to pump, plus it would make a loud whining sound. It was siesta time, I didn’t want to wake anyone so I reconnected the electric bilge pump and did alotta pumping! Lotsa sunds baby! I even pulled out and cleaned the (el pump) bilge filter (ew). I really gotta fine a small tube pump to get the rest out. I’m stuck on getting a dry bilge!!!!!!!

How does such a lazy, procrastinating weekend get such a long blog???

Smell Ya

Capt Pete

ps   Alex never came to check the electrics due to a huge hangover… next week… dumbass.

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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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