Changing Diapers


All of you who have been following (to whom I am thankful) know that last weekend wasn’t the success I planned. So during the week I got a bit more organized and equipped myself with 40grit holed orbital sandpaper, a new shop vac and a long cheepo hand pump (I luv new toys)! This weekend was Greek Orthodox Easter and I got Thursday thru Tuesday off work and had a plan to juggle boat+family. So Thursday I’m of to the boat.

Pump the gook:  So in I dove and started pumping into empty 4liter (approx 1 gallon) containers. After 4 or 5 (I lost count) jugs of mostly water I got to the nasty stuff. I did my best not to make a mess but… well you know. Leaning in holding the jug and pump in one hand while the other pulls up a meter long handle with little head room ain’t easy. After cleaning up a bit (even some gook running down my cheeks) it was time to tie up some diapers and stuff them below to do their thing.

Hull Sanding: Masked, prepped and ready with my random orbital connected to the vac and 40grit,  I went at it. What a difference!!! Nearly dustless sanding! Everyone should run out and get a shopvac!!!! I got thru half one side of the hull in (as we mechanical engineers call it) “dt” time! Then my arms fell off. Content with the results, I rapped up the sanding process after cleaning the vac out only to see that all the dust was clogging the vac filter. Cleaning it  was a messy process… gotta find a way to put some kind of paper bag in there.

Lets see what the diapers are up to. err, ok, they work. Good thing I got a lot and I proceeded stuffing more down there.

One last bit of business for the day was to reopen the fuel tank and do a little more cleaning with acetone (which really works).  By the time I finished, cleaning up and sealing the tank, Kostas came by and we talked of things to do and I showed him my progress. Then I showed him a major question which dumbfounded him and is a good one for all of you. Why do I have a raw water (with sea-cock) input tee-ing in with the, above waterline, output of the electric bilge-pump??? Anyway, the evening proceeded with hanging out with Kosta and Paula and drinking raki and talking music.

Friday morning, got up a bit oozy and took off to meet the family in beautiful Nafplio  about 200km away.  Greek Easters can be a blog of their own so I’m not gonna write much other than I barbequed, drank, made merry with friends and family, almost got blown up by firecrackers at “Christos Anesti” time (I stuffed myself into the church to save my ass!) and I shaved my beard which has been annoying when you stick your head in closed boat areas and sanding and… ew!. Mother is so pleased!

Tuesday, Back to the boat! After a cup of Paula’s badass coffee and chocolate cake, I finished the remaining half of the hull half. I really gotta find a paper bag thing for the vac. Unclogging the filter is a hassle, more than the sanding! After picking up my arms which fell off again, I proceeded to other tasks.

Changed the diapers.

I poured the diesel back (4 jerries, 80lit approx) in with Mr Funnel, a great product for holding water and other debris. I also injected acetone into the holes I had opened the the windvane rudder.

Changed the diapers.

I figured out the wiring and hooked up my fresh water pump (I’ve been washing up with a jug of water over a bucket). I was afraid the pressure switch was toast but it all worked. I got fresh water running from the taps! WhoHoo! 🙂 Clean hands! I also installed a filter before the pump. Still need an accumulator tank after the pump… part of this week’s shopping list.

Changed the diapers. (ready to have children one day)

Feeling really happy, I decided to do the head (toilet). It’s new. I had poured water and vinegar down it a while back to clean and test it out and it leaked at the output. I undid the outlet tube and found a bunch of salt(?) chippings and a broken elbow! You can’t believe how happy I am to have found this before actually “using” this thing.  Whoever installed it deserves to find a “dump” on his front door step!

So this “weekend” has been “pas mal”. Still lots to do. Change the diapers, find a paper bag thing for the vac and map out the stuff I’ll get professional help for (engine pipes and tubes/service, zincs,  electrics, some hull fillings etc).

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

ps…. I’ve been getting requests for more video. I’ve got a borrowed cheepass flip cam. It hasn’t got a tripod fitting and it is impossible to “shoot and do” stuff. Even pictures are hard enough. I’ve done a few tests and they are awful… but I’ll try again.

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3 Responses to Changing Diapers

  1. hanna says:

    dear peter,
    sincerest congratulations for this wonderful boat! we – gustav hanna and christina are sitting infront of your blowing away blog about it!
    Uff – alot of work!
    my favorit part of the story:
    the diapers!
    what happened this weekend?
    Christina: ( WHEN does he write this?)
    Please keep us informed
    much love
    proud about our friend peter
    Hanna + Christina + Gustav
    and: Panos! (sorry panos!)


    • Gustav and Hanna… the hurricane couple!!! and Christina and of course Panos! Welcome and thanks for the comments! Hope to see you guys soon. You must come by Athens before you leave! Steaks, cigars and Jamsons!!


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