Ohw, ohw, woh, Petey’s cryin’!

(Warning! This blog contains a bunch of “whining” never to happen again!)

Isn’t it neat when you wake up with a song in your head which is relevant to how you feel even though you never where a fan of the group?

Well, not only is my body weary, but it’s in great pain! This weekends’ boat work has qualified me to sign up to an Indian circus as the amazing flexible man! Or at least to fill in as Dr. Zackary Smith from Lost in Space… “Oh the pain, the pain…”.

Major plan for this weekend was to drain the diesel and to clean the (stainless) tank (which is under the salon floor). Opened the inspection port and pumped out 80 liters in 4 jerry jugs and hauled them to store for a week. The last 5lt went in a separate jug with the gook, to use for general cleaning. Then I proceeded to clean the tank. First I had to sponge out the last of the fuel, (should’ve worn gloves) and then with rags and paper towel proceeded to wipe the inside, sticking my arm though the port and getting as much gook out as possible. This will do a job on your knees, hips and back, and after a couple of hours, my body told me it was good enough (I might go at it again with some acetone next week). Buy now I was stinking of diesel from head to toe. Got a call from G.S., the cuz with the storage shack, cleaned up and had lunch and a lotta laughs… probably high from the fumes.

Back on the boat. It would be nice to at least be able to wash up, but it seams the water tanks are empty since the Jabsco pressure pump is working and there’s no water from the tap. Still in the “tank cleaning” spirit, I started opening their ports.

water tank port with telescope magnet

Alas… they are under the cockpit benches which are side opening (apposed to top opening).

So I dove in up to my waist laying on alternating sides with no headroom with a can of WD and a couple of wrenches. Arg! After a couple of agonizing hours and fishing out a few dropped nuts with a telescopic magnet (a must tool), I banged off the port to see, low and behold, the tank is almost full!

It was getting dark so I proceeded to the task of sorting out all the spare parts stuffing the doghouse pilot berth. Bytheway, I purchased 5 meters of led lights, really cool, low amps, bright, and cheep, and now I can do evening jobs. Back to the parts, I separated the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and various tools. There is so much stuff…. close to ridiculous! Some used, some new, a lot I have no idea what the f#$% they are…. there’s even a scissor car jack!!! Do I have to worry about getting a flat out at sea!!? Anyway, pleased with introduction to my new “valuables”, Paula, the boat yard mamma/queen invited me over to watch a film everyone MUST see. Pirate Radio-The Boat That Rocked

Great movie, great cast and amazing sound track! Went to bed tired and happy in the V-berth for the first time since I had cleared it out the past two weeks. I also had power so I turned on a little space heater at 5am… no more butt-chilled nights!

Day 2 consisted again to  pretzel-izing myself under the cockpit thru the mini companionway trying to figure out the hydraulics.

bilge pump

bilge gook in a cup

Where’s this, what’s that, where does it go, rusted rotary valves! So lets try the Jabsco bilge pump. It works but the inlet barb hose connecter has broken its treads in the pump and bilge gook, whatever passed the filter, is pouring out. Bleah! Removed the pump and cut the wire which couldn’t unscrew from the “thingie” (believe me, I tried).
Lets try that pressure water. I found a valve with a “Mickey mouse” out hose connecter. After some tinkering, I fired up the pump, opened the tap… water… woohoo, turned off the tap, pump kept working (which should automatically stop), heard strange fizzing sounds, looked and saw water spewing out of the pump base… boohoo!! Removed pump.  Bytheway each pump screw takes a few minutes, kneeling, elbowing, bending, laying, and reaching a screw driver to where man has never yet been!

Jabsco pumps

It’s lunchtime and by now and any movement is agonizing. Knees, trashed, elbows trashed and hip, arm and leg muscles either pulled or bruised and I felt like crying due to moral defeat. I ate some stuff and plopped the pumps on the salon table and did some cleaning/ repairs. I even got the broken barb threads out of the bilge pump input… woohoo!! I tested them in a bucket with spare hoses and battery jumper cables and they seem fine and ready to put back in but I’m in too much pain.  Plus I had to close up that water tank under the cockpit bench. I’m sure the moaning and groaning was heard for miles! So that was it. Wrapped it all up, drove home, showered and passed out!

Conclusion… my new baby needs a lot more work that anticipated (duh) but I shall prevail! I think I should start spending more time on sanding the hull and on the mast. I really want to launch the end of May. Fingers are crossed, moral is high and hooray for aspirin!

Stay tuned..

Capt Pete
Ps …a female chiropractor would be convenient right around now…ow!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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